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    Oyus, I'm making a Countdown blog, and I WILL update it. It's summer now, I'll have the time.

    Week One Rankings

    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    Team Buffalo

    Team Buffalo
    # Contestant Edit Count Prediction
    1 CD-TDA 7,860 Oh, CD. Would love to be bi-winning. Looking back at her previous seasons, she usually made 100-600 edits a week. She could drag her team to immunity once or twice.
    2 Bigez620 3,108 He says he'll edit when there are edits to edit, but there are edits to edit. (You don't need to wait for the sun.) Procrastination. >->
    3 Kgman04 3,650 He doesn't edit as much as his original season.
    4 BarBar 1,001 Yeaaah, they all have the same chance IMO, as their team is half incredible editors, half them. Kgman04 and Bigez620 just need to edit, edit, ed…

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    Dear, my good friend TotalDramaAddict:

    I'm extremely sorry for accusing you of being.... you-know-who.
    My IRC client was showing you-know-who's two IPs as yours, and I couldn't keep it to myself. I'm a bad secret-keeper. But I keep really secretive secrets that are secret. You can trust me with those, people!
    You might be my best friend on the Wikia. I don't know, you might be.
    We've been through much: you shooting me everybody; you pestering me to use fruit in my camp; (Ahem, this one's a really secretive secret that's secret.); etc.
    If you could forgive me, that would be epic.

    PS: I'm sorry that I'm not good at blogs. It's as long as I could make it.
    PPS: Once again, I'm sorry for accusing you and if I offended you and hope you can forgive me.


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    Birthday Blog

    October 13, 2010 by Mr. Totaldramaman

    TDI Wiki

    Well, today's my birthday.

    ...Why you still reading the prologue?

    It all started at the Total Drama Island Wiki. I was in their IRC, for ten minutes, needing to ask questions. It was December 24, 2009. I got my answers, until Freehugs41 joined the chatroom. She kicked me, saying I needed to be a wiki user to be in there.

    The week since that kick, I've been thinking. I've decided to get a Wikia account (Thanks Freehugs41!). As my Wikipedia account is 'Totaldramaman', I tried that. ...It was taken. Which is why I added 'Mr.', and am now called 'MTDM'.

    Not much happened that February. All that happened was that I moved my camp from the TDI wiki to there, to not get banned. Although, now I'm an active user.

    Remember this blog? That was when…

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    Blog Entry (1)

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Hey, it's me, again, Mr. Totaldramaman. Countdown To 10,000 Season Two starts next week! And I will be doing power rankings again! Need the link for my Season One blog? Well, here it is! Blog starts next week. Bye.
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    Bye-Bye D:

    June 27, 2010 by Mr. Totaldramaman

    Camp starts tomorrow... This is a good news-bad news sorta' thing...

    (I'm currently looking at camp schedule while doing this xD)

    Good news- Not sleep away! :D
    Bad news- Overnights and late-nights.

    I may be able to come after late-nights... I think.

    So... *reads schedule* Overnight 1 is... O.O... CANADA!!!! :DDDDD W00T! CANADA! MTDM IS THE CANADA HIZZOUSE! :DDDD ... July 5th - 8th. Not Toronto. :(

    Overnight 2 is July 21 and 22...

    Late-nights are June 30, July 14... and... That's it.

    2 PM dismissal is 19th of July... No camp July 9 and 20.

    Kay, thanks for reading... *goes to FF wiki to blog*

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