Monkeybug is labeled The Rockstar.

Alejandro, Beth, Blaineley, DJ, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay, Monkeybug, Noah, Owen and Sierra meet up with Duncan, Leshawna, Harold, Justin and Courteny who are the newcomers and all compete this season.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Monkeybug was introduced last and was taken to the plane where Chris said that the season would take place in. Chris took everyone to the pyramids where the first challenge would take place. chris said to climb over the monutain or go through the mountain. Monkeybug found Sierra, Izzy, Owen and DJ and paired up with them to go over the pyramid. They had a rough time since they would not stop falling down. They were the last five finished and were put onto Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. All exept Monkeybug. He was on Team Amazon with Duncan, Beth, Justin and Noah. Then Monkeybug switched with Alejandro to be on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. No one was eliminated.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Chris gave Team Chris a goat for placing second. The challenge was to cross the desert to the Nile. Sierra guided the team until the team got attacked by scarrab. That is where Monkeybug guided the team to safety. The team was the first to reach the Nile. Chris said that they had to use reeds to build a boat, to get across tothe other side. It took a while for them to make the boat. In fact, it took them so long that Team Amazon finished before them. Team Chris came in second. Team Victory lost and Heather was eliminated.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Chris said that the cast would go to Japan today which got Harold very excited. The first challenge included having to play pinball. Chris said that two members had to be put into a big plastic ball. Team Chris chose Monkeybug and Izzy. During the game, Sierra screamed which threw Harold (who was in a ball) off and made him fall out. Team Victory came in last and Team Chris came in second. The next challenge included making a commercial while advertising Chef's new candy. Team Chris's advertisment included them doing a bit that posed owen as a dinosaur and the rest of the team throwing the candy to stop him. The commercial got them second place. Team Chris did not in but did not lose either. After the challenges, Monkeybug overheard Sierra talking to harold saying that he should not be in this game because he was a disgrace to his team. Harold had quit.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Monkeybug was telling his team that Sierra got Harold elimianted and that they should all watch out. Chris then came in saying that todays challenge takes place in the Yukon. When the plane landed, Chris said that the first challenge has to do with crossing the ice floats to the other side where the first person will have to pull the second person on a sled. The race started, and monkeybug was the first person to reach the sled. He had to pull Izzy. Sierra, Owen and DJ had to wait by poles. While pulling the sled, Monkeybug asked Izzy if she would like to be more than just friends. Then, Izzy said that they could be best friends. After they retrieved Sierra, Owen and DJ, they headed to the finish line, where they got second place. In the plane, Team Chris was wondering who would be eliminated. Sierra said that Blaineley will be eliminated because Sierra told her team to vote her out. Blaineley was elimianted.

In Broadway, Baby!, Chris took the cast to New York. This got Lindsay freaking out because she loves to shop. But, then Chris said they were not going to shop. Chris said that the first challenge was to climb up Lady liberty to get the corresponding teams colored baby carrige. When they reached the top, Team cxhris made monkeybug go get the carrige. Monkeybug turned out to be very fast and help the team advance. That is where Chris made the team go down a thirty story pole to the ground. Everyone made it out OK. After everyone arrived, Chris made the teams race to Central Park. The first team there wins. While on the way there, Izzy announced to the rest of the team that Monkeybug is Izzy's new best friend. Team Chris arrived only after Team Amazon and placed second. No one was eliminated.

Monkeybug did not appear in Aftermath: Heather Over Troubled Water.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Chris said today's challenges will take place in the German Alps. The first challenge is to make German sausages. Team Chris started to make them, but Izzy kept getting in the way. So, Sierra put Monkeybug in charge of watching Izzy. Monkeybug told Izzy that while they were in the Yukon, Monkeybug didn't mean that he wanted them to be best friends. He meant he wanted them to start dating. Izzy understood, but she wasn't ready. In the confessinal, Monkeybug said that she just isn't into him. Chris said that each team had to race down the mountain to they're next challenge, which was slap dancing. Monkeybug and Izzy were partenerd up to be the slap dancers. The first team to not miss a move would lose. Team Victory lost because Lindsay would not stop crying about not being able to shop in New York. Team Chris lost next and Team Amazon won. While on the plane, Sierra said to Lindsay that if she wanted to go shop in New York, then she should. At the elimiantion ceremony, Lindsay quit.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris told everyone that today's challenge takes place in the Amazon. Monkeybug said to his team that they might actually have a chance at winning because Team Amazon said that they would have good luck. The whole team cheered. Then, Chris said that each team had to follow their own path. Team Chris followed thier path until a giant rock got in the way. The tea was now in last place, because they were held up for so long. But, they just decided to lift each other over the rock. After a few hours, team Chris was the first team to reach Chris. That's where Chris told them to look for golden treasure. They found the treasure first and won. Team Amazon lost and was sent to elimiantion. Alejandro was elimianted because he was the one who predicted luck. In the first class section, Izzy and Owen got into a big fight. Monkeybug was there to comfort Izzy.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, in the first class section, Monkeybug and Izzy where talking about Monkeybug's life as a rockstar. Owen was watching, jealous. This is until Chris called everyone to the main area. Chris explained that the challenge takes place in Paris. The challeneg was to find peices of a statue that they get assinged and put it back together. Team Chris got the Venus De Milo. When they went look for the pieces they were all atacked ina pile, which made their job easy. But, Team Amazon couldn't find thier pieces at all. Everyone on Team Chris was wondering why. Then Sierra told them that she put all of their pieces outside. Team Chris was the first team done and went to first class. At elimination, Noah was blamed for being the one to put the peices outside, but it was a surprize non-elimiantion episode.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Chris told everyone that todays challenge is rowing to Newfoundland. Chris droppped everyone into three boats and they started rowing. Team Chris was slowed down because owen wieghed so much. But, they managed to pull through. While on the boat, Monkeybug and Izzy were flirting and Owen didn't seem as though he could take it anymore. Although it took a few horus Team Chris finished in last place for the race. They did not have to send anyone home because it was another non-elimiantion episode.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Chris said that todays challenge will take place in Jamaica. Everyone was really excited about this until the plane crashed, but still luckily in Jamaica. The first challenge included cliff diving for pirate treasure. Monkeybug was the first to dive. He grabbed a charm bracelet and a gold crown. In the end Team Chris won the challenge. For the next challenge, two people from the team will have to bobsled. Monkeybug and Izzy were chosen to do so. They won the challenge, since Izzy is a really good bobsledder. But, Team Amazon and Team Victory both lost a challenge and got second place in a challenge. Chris was wondering how to solve this problem. Then Sierra suggested that Team Chris choose one person to go from each team. Sierra chose Leshawna from Team Victory and Noah from Team Amazon. They were eliminated.

Monkeybug did not appear in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.

In I See London..., Chris explained the first challenge on the way to the destination. The challenge was to find hidden clues but to avoid Jack the Ripper. The challenge started as soon as the plane landed and Sierra really wanted to win again. The first clue could be found by finding the clue in one of three hats. Owen ate the two hats that did not have the clue in it, so they grabbed the clue and moved on. Next, they had to find a clue in the torture room. But, DJ had dissapeared. So, after a few minutes the team moved on after they had found they're clue. Monkeybug was captured next, but was put in the first class area with DJ. One by one each of the contestants started piling in the first class area. Soo enought he only one not in the room was Sierra. But, sure enough, she got captured to. Chris said that someone would be returning. Heather was Jack the Ripper, and since she captured everybody she got to be put back on Team Victory. Team Chris won since one of they're members lasted until the end. So, Team Amazon went to elimiantion that night and Justin was elimianted because Sierra told him that he should be ashamed for being the first captured, so he quit.

In Greece's Pieces, Chris explained that todays challenges will have to do with Greece. When they landed, Chris said that the first challenge was a race to fly up to grab a gold medai with your teeth. Monkeybug was chosen to do this. He flapped as hard as he could and reached the medal before his two rivals (Heather and Duncan). There were many more challenges to go through, but in the end Team Chris won again. Beth was crying in the economy class, so Sierra went to cheer up Beth. Beth was crying because she missed Justin. So, Sierra told her to do what her heart told her to do. So that night, Beth quit the game.

In The Ex-Files, Monkeybug and Izzy were late to the challenge announcement, so Chris gave they're team a penalty. the other memebers of Team Chris were pretty upset by this. in the confessinal, Monkeybug said that he knew Sierra was going to eliminate him. The challenge was to get into Area 51 and bring back something. Team Chris was the first team into the building. Monkeybug found a case of alien slime, but Sierra denied it because she didn't trust him. owen found a box of alien parts. When the team looked at it, Izzy and Monkeybug noticed that they were parts of dolls. Anyway, the team brought it to Chris. Chris declined the parts, saying that they were not real. Sierra quickly grabbed the box that Monkeybug mentioned earlier, and ran to the finish. Though by this time, the two other teams have already finished. There was no elimination.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Team Chris still had not forgiven Monkeybug and Izzy and were focused on losing the challenge. The challenges would take place at the outback in Australia. The first challenge was catching an emu to race it. Team Chris was the first full team to arrive there. Chris quickly moved them to the next challenge, which was bungee jumping to grab a sheep, then sheer it. If the team's symbol was on it then they won. Monkeybug and Izzy were trying to grab the right sheep, but they kept missing. They had to take a break and let the other team's go. But, Team Amazon got it on they're first try and won. Team Victory got second place. At elimination, Chris read out the votes. The bags of peanuts went to Owen, Sierra and Izzy. Before Chris could eliminate Monkeybug, DJ quit.

In Sweden Sour, Chris said that they were going to Sweden. The challenge is to build a boat. When the plane landed, everyone got to work on building the boat. Team Chris finished their boat first and got an advantage. They got three bowling balls to shoot at the other teams. When they set out to sea, they had to capture the flag. Monkeybug and Izzy were in charge of launching the bowling balls at the other teams. They hit Team Amazon's boat. After that, Team Chris was the first to reach the flag. So, they won. No elimiantion.

Monkeybug did not appear in Aftermath Aftermayhem. Alejandro won the chance to return in the game.

In Niagara Brawls, Chris said that the destination today is Niagara Falls. He also said that a person would be returning. The person was Alejandro. Chris took the cast to Niagara Falls, said that each girl would get a husband. Monkeybug got Izzy. The first challenge was for the groom to guide his bride to a dress. Monkeybug was very helpful and got Izzy to a dress first. The next challenge included having to carry your bride on a tightrope to safety. Since Monkeybug is a gifted balancer, he was able to walk to the other side with ease. He and Izzy won. At elimination, Monkeybug voted for Courteny, since Sierra said so. Courteny was eliminated.

In Chinese Fake-Out, Chris said that they would be going to China. When the plane landed, Chris said that everyone would have to choose some type of transportation then go to the finish line. The type of transportation that Monkeybug chose the bike. He was the first person to cross the finish line. The next challenge was to eat as much disgusting food as possible. Monkeybug ate all of the food given to him, causing him to win the challenge. At elimination, Sierra told everyone to vote for Heather as she should not have come back. But, Monkeybug said in the confessinal that he thinks that he can do this game without Sierra, as he has won the past two challenges on his own. So, he and Izzy voted for Alejandro. But, the two had the same amount of votes, as Duncan did not vote. They were both eliminated.

In African Lying Safari, Chris said that they would be in Tanzania. When the plane landed, Chris got started with the challenges. The first challenge combines Africa's two most popular sports: Cricket and Soccer. You would first have to collect plums without getting hit by soccer balls. Monkeybug collected 10 plums, as he is great at dodgeing things. In the next challenge, you would have to hit open a gourd and the first gourd broken wins the challenge. Monkeybug got his broke first since he is a good aim. At elimiantion, Monkeybug got Duncan to vote with Izzy and him, and got Sierra eliminated.

In Rapa Phooey!, Chris said that todays location is The Rapa-Nui Islands. The challenge was to find your colored eggs in the heads of previous eliminated contestants. Monkeybug found his first egg in Harolds head, his second in Blaineley's ear. He and Izzy ran to the cave to give the eggs to Chris, but boulders came crashing down, so they ran whenever the boulders were not coming down. They were the first two to reach the top and won the challenge. Chris said that it was a non-elimination day, so no elimination.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Chris said that Drumheller is the location being visited. The first challenge is designing a dinosaur. Monkeybug's dinosaur was called the Monkeybugosaurus. It is able to win any TV show in it's path. It was voted the best of the four. He got a giant drill to dig up oil barrels for the next challenge. For the next challenge, the contestants had to dig up oil barrels. Monkeybug noticed that Owen and Duncan were trying to form an alliance to win, but Monkeybug was faster than them. Monkeybug got to the plane before them with an oil barrel. At elimiantion, Monkeybug voted for Owen. But, Duncan quit because he felt like there was too much fighting around him.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Chris said that each contestant will have to get to Mexico for the next challenge. But, they would have to get there only using a type of transportation. Monkeybug, using what Sierra has taught him snuck onto the plane and was the first to reach Mexico. Monkeybug got out of the plane when Izzy and Owen were in sight, he got out of the plane, and won the challenge. The next challenge was to cross the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. It was close but, Owen and Monkeybug tied for first and Izzy was eliminated.

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