Monkeybug is labled, The Secret Rockstar. He has joined TDI so he could help his mom get a new appendix.

Total Drama Action

Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette, Blaineley, DJ, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay, Monkeybug, Noah, Owen, Sierra, Trent and Tyler are the competitors.

In Monster Cash, the competitors were introduced alphabeticly, so Monkeybug was shown eleventh. Monkeybug was shown the confessinal, the eating area and the sleeping area. Monkeybug was then told the challenge was to get to the trailers. But, the only way to get to the trailers was to find their way through a maze. Once through the maze, the teams will be made there. Monkeybug teamed up with Noah and Blaineley. This is because they were the only people left. Monkeybug led the group, but Blaineley and Noah left. With some piece and quiet, Monkeybug found his way through the maze. He saw Tyler, Lindsay and Beth and realized that he was not the first person finished. The next people finished were Owen and Izzy, following Sierra. the next people through were Trent and Gwen. Chris said that there could only be 8 people to a team, so Trent stayed with the other 7, and Gwen started a new team. Over the coarse of 10 minutes, the rest of the cast found there way through. The team monkeybug was on was the Killer Grips, and the other team was the Screaming Gaffers.

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Sierra was talking to Owen and Izzy and was talking to them about starting an alliance. Monkeybug heard them talking and asked if he could be in an alliance. Sierra said he could. Then she stated that this alliance could make them the most famous people here. Then Monkeybug said that he was famous at one time. He was a rockstar. But, the publicity was too much to handle so he quit. Then Chris explained the challenge, which was to search for eggs, then give them to chris, without getting hit by mama alien (Chef) with paintballs, and they headed out. Seirra said that they needed to split up. Beth and Trent went with Tyler and Lindsay, and Monkeybug, Sierra, Owen and Izzy stayed with each other to talk about they're alliance. Meanwhile, Geoff, Ezekiel and Bridgette got out first. Blaineley and Noah were the next. Beth, Tyler and Lindsay got hit by paintballs, but Trent managed to escaped. Heather got run over by Trent, who tripped over her, and both got hit. Alejandro stole one of the eggs of the remaining Killer Grips. Owen chased him, but tripped. Both of them got shot. Then Gwen ran into Sierra, Izzy and Monkeybug. Gwen ran again, but Sierra tripped her. This caused Gwen to be shot. Sierra, Izzy and Monkeybug all ran out of the building with three eggs. They gave them to Chris. Sierra was cheering and Izzy hugged Monkeybug, which caused him to blush. That night, Gwen was eliminated because she got shot last by Chef.

In Riot on Set, Monkeybug asked Sierra what they're first move would be for they're alliance. Sierra said that they should eliminate someone from the other team. Owen, Izzy and Monkeybug liked this idea. The three suggested Geoff because he isn't very smart or strong and they should start off small. Sierra liked this idea and she agreed. Chris walked in and said that the challenge would be making a short movie. But, first they are going to need the supplies. So, Chris to them to a mountain, which had movie supplies at the bottom of it. Before Chris blew his whistle, Sierra told Izzy, Owen and Monkeybug to run as fast as they could, then carry what they can up the mountain. But, that plan didn't go so well, as when Chris blew the whistle the three tripped over each other. When the eight members of the Killer Grips had gotten up the mountain, Trent had an idea for a movie. Since he had carried up 8 turtle suits he decided to make a movie about 8 turtles. The entire team liked this idea, and they began shooting. After both teams were done, Chris gave each team a rating. He gave the Grips a 5, and the Gaffers an 8. At the elimination ceremony, Sierra told her alliance to vote for Trent. Trent recieved 4 votes (Seirra, Monkeybug, Owen and Izzy), Seirra recieved 2 votes (Trent and Beth) and Tyler and Lindsay couldn't figure out how to use they're devices. Trent went home.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, Chris explained that today's challeges are based on teen beach movies. The challenge is to balance yourself on a surfboard. All the contestants went to the lot, and the Gaffers went first. When it was time for Monkeybug to go, Sierra told him get on his knees and grab the board. He did this, and won the challenge for his team. Chris took the cast to their next challenge, which was to build wonderful sand castles. The most creative one wins. Lindsay suggested making a castle. The team looked at her as if they thought she was stupid. Owen, Izzy, Tyler, Lindsay, Monkeybug and Beth started working on the castle, while Sierra sabotaged the other team. When no one was looking she destroyed Geoff's part of the castle. When they turned back, The Gaffers looked at Geoff angrily. Once the judging was over the Grips won. This caused Chris to cancel the third because the Grips already won 2 challenges. So, the Grips win and the Gaffers lose. The Gaffers however did not have to go to elimination becuase it is a non-elimination challenge. No one went home.

In 3:10 to Crazytown, Chris said that the challenges are based off of western movies. The first challenge was to jump off a diving board. So, Chris took them all to a diving board. The contestants noticed cattle at the bottom. Chris said that the contestants goal was to land safely on the cattle. The Killer Grips went first while Beth, Tyler and Lindsay went Sierra was telling the other three to look out for butter. Monkeybug passed on to the next challenge, but Linday, Izzy, Owen and Tyler were hurt. After the challenge was over, only Noah, Alejandro and Geoff remained. Chris said that the next challenge was to rope the cattle or to avoid being roped by the cowboys. The Killer Grips were the cowboys and cowgirls. Monkeybug was able to rope Noah. Beth roped Alejandro with the help of Sierra. Geoff was the last person he if was able to not be caught for another 30 seconds, then he would have won for his team. But, he didnt so his team lost and he was voted out.

Monkeybug did not appear in The Aftermath: I.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Monkeybug and Owen woke up and went to go see what Sierra wanted them to do today. However they could not leave because the door was locked. The two woke everyone up and said that the door was locked. When everyone in the trailer was up, Alejandro suggested that they get out through the emerncy esacpe hole on the ceiling. Monkeybug got through and unlocked the door. The boys won the first challenge. The next challenge was to be locked in a cage and eat gross food from the other team. The Killer Grips won because Monkeybug has a really strong stomach. The next challenge was to pick someone from the team to push the rest of the team in a laundry cart. The Killer Grips chose Tyler. Sierra said to throw rocks at Bridgette because she was who the Screaming Gaffers picked. All rocks were thrown and Bridgette fell down. She had to be medically evacuated. The Screaming Gaffers lost and the Killer Grips won.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Monkeybug was explained the challenge which was to look all over the film lot and find parts to a Franken-Chris. Once all peices have been found the team can report to the Studio to do the next challenge. That challenge includes assembling the Franken-Chris. The first team done will win. After looking through the entire film lot, Monkeybug found Chris's left arm. Once the entire team arrived at the studio, Monkeybug put his limb on first. Unfortunatley, Izzy, Owen, Lindsay and Tyler were not fast enough and did not get to put they're peices on before the other team did. The Screaming Gaffers won, which made Sierra mad. In the confessinal, Monkeybug wasn't very happy they lost, but not as much as Sierra. Right before The Screaming Gaffers were leaving to go to they're reward, Izzy noticed Owen had a blemish on his arm. So, Beth, Lindsay and Tyler had to keep both teams back and quarentine both teams. After a long time Alejandro noticed, then pointed out that it was pepperoni. No one went home.

In The Sand Witch Project, Chris came into the eating area to explain the challenge. He said that they were based off of horror movies. The first challenge was to choose a Serial Killer. The Grips chose Beth. The challenge that Monkeybug had to do was the kissing challenge. Izzy and Monkeybug were the only two not used in challenges yet. The Gaffers were winning and the Grips were losing. This is because Tyler and Lindsay would not get scared. Izzy and Monkeybug did not expect beth to come up behind them, so they screamed they're heads off when they were done kissing. In the confessinal, Monkeybug said how much he enjoyed the kiss and he excpeted him and Izzy to be a couple. Since the Grips lost they had to go to elimintaion. Seirra told Owen, Izzy and Monkeybug to vote for Tyler. Tyler recieved 4 votes (Sierra, Monkeybug, Owen and Izzy) and Sierra recieved 3 votes (Beth, Tyler and Lindsay). Tyler was eliminated.

In Masters of Disasters, Monkeybug went into the confessinal and said that he and Izzy were meant for each other. He also said that he would do anything to impress her. Chris said that the challenge was to complete an obstacle course that will included having various things thrown at your heads. Monkeybug said in the confessinal that this was a perfect way to impress Izzy. Win the challenge! When they arrived at the set, Sierra said to push all of the Gaffers in the way of the obstacles that will make them lose. Monkeybug tried very hard, but he arrived fifth after Izzy, Seirra, Beth and Noah. The next challenge includecd having to get out of a place that is also being filled with water. Once they got in, Owen was panicking and fainted. So, Monkeybug looked all over the place and found a switch that shuts off the water. He flipped the switch and eventually found a way out. This made Izzy happy.

In Full Metal Drama, Chris told the cast to gather around and put a blind fold on. When they took off their blind folds, Chris told them to jump off the airplane. Monkeybug went first to see manly to Izzy. Monkeybug landed on a bunch of matresses. In the next challenge, both teams had to assemble paint bombs so that when they explode, it will create a pattern. Lindsay ordered the paint bombs, which made the Grips lose the first challenge. During the next challenge, the Grips had to retrieve a case that the Gaffers had won. If they retrieve it then they will win. After some fighting, war and combat (and Lindsay's bad leading skills), the Grips had to be sent elimination. At elimination, Seirra told everyone (but Lindsay), to vote for Lindsay. Lindsay recived 4 votes(Sierra, Owen, Izzy and Monkeybug) and Sierra recived 2 votes (Beth and Lindsay). Lindsay went home.

Monkeybug did not appear in The Aftermath: II.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Chris said that todays challenge is based on Bank Heist movies. While he was talking, someone put a bag over Monkeybug's head. Chris said that both teams seem to be missing one person. The Grips were missing Monkeybug. Once Monkeybug was put in the vault he wondered where he was. Then after a few hours, his team came to rescue him. Sierra told Monkeybug that they have a new person on their team. His name is DJ. Noah was eliminated.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., Sierra said to Monkeybug that DJ agreed to be part of the alliance. Then, Chris explained the challenge. He said that the first challenge is to make fire. Once they were given rocks and let into the studio, the teams got started on making the fire. Towards the end of the challenge, Owen and Izzy got caught on fire and had to be evacuated for the rest of the challenge. The next challenge was to stand on a giant rock and fight with an opposing team member. DJ lost to Blaineley. Sierra won against Alejandro. Beth won against Ezekiel. Monkeybug won against Heather. Since both teams won one challenge, no elimination.

In Million Dollar Babies, Chris said that Izzy and Owen still cannot compete due to still being burnt. He also said that todays challenge is based on Sports movies. Sierra lost to Heather in Boxing. Beth won agaisnt Alejandro in the Slan dunk competition. DJ won against Blaineley in wrestling. The challenge Monkeybug had to do was Badminton against Ezekiel. Ezekiel lost to Monkeybug. In the confessinal, Monkeybug said that he is so great at badminton because he was a rockstar and he was forced to do a song about badminton, because his fans asked him to. The Grips won the challenge and the Gaffers had to go to elimination. Blaineley was eliminated due to losing against DJ.

In Dial M for Merger, Chris explains that the teams are no more and then takes them to their trailer. On the way to the trailer, Sierra tell Izzy, Owen, DJ and Monkeybug that the alliance can still go on. Once they got to the studio, chris tells them that the first person to get to the surprize behind all the lazers gets whatever is inside. Once Sierra made it through the lazers she grabbed the bag and the lazers turned off. She noticed that a harpoon was inside. Then, Chris appeared on the wall and said that they all had to make it out of there in under 3 minutes because he put explosives on the roof. So, everone grabbed onto Sierra and flew to the top off another building where they had to defuse time bombs or be sprayed by skunks. Sierra was the first to defuse her's, following everyone else but Alejandro because he was pushed off the building by Sierra. Alejandro was eliminated.

In Super Hero, Chris said that the challenges are based off of Super Hero movies. He also said that each contestant is going to have to make a costume then model it. The costume Monkyebug made was Question Man. His super power was to answer any power you asked him. Chris asked him numerous questions and was able to answer all of them. In the next challenge Chris said that all of the contestants had to make it across the obstacle coarse which included jumping on a trampoline, then landing on a trampoline, saving a victim from falling and walking across a telephone wire. Monkeybug could not save the victim fromn falling but he did make it across the telephone wire and got third. At the elimination ceremony, Monkeybug voted for Heather. Heather got eliminated.

Monkeybug did not appear in The Aftermath: III.

In The Princess Pride, Chris says that todays challenges are based around Princess movies. Chris said that the only challenge includes climbing a tower to the princess Monkeybug got assigned Izzy. Monkeybug said in the confeesinal that he was very lucky. But then, Owen had to be assgined Izzy also. Monkeybug was furious. Once everyone got to the towers, the girls got placed at the top. Then the boys had to climb to get to them. The first one up there wins. Monkeybug and Owen had very little space since both of them had to fit on one ladder. But, Monkeybug wanted to get to Izzy more so near the top Monkeybug pushed Owen fell 50 feet to the ground. Because of Owen's injuries he had to leave the set. Monkeybug won the challnege.

In Get A Clue, Chris said that todays challenges are based around mystery movies. Chris took everyone to a train. Suddenly the train started moving and after a few minutes the lights went off. When the lights came back on, Chris was dead. Everyone started questioning who did it. Monkeybug was the first one who was guessed to have done it. But then Beth backed him up by saying he was sitting with her at a table. Then Sierra pointed out that it had to have been Beth because she was the only one not questioning anyone. Then, Chris walked in and said that the dead Chris was fake and that Sierra wins since she figured it out. No one was eliminated.

In Rock n' Rule, Chris walked in and said that todays challenges are based around rock n roll movies. Monkeybug got up, went into the lame-o-sine and drove away. Monkeybug said in the lame-o-sine thast he didn't want to go through being a rock star again. Monkeybug was elimianted.

Monkeybug did not appear in Crouching Sierra, Hidden Beth. Beth was elimianted due to not being able to give the Bonsai tree to the sasquatch, because Sierra threw her off the side of the mountain.

Monkeybug did not appear in 2011: A Space Izzy. No one was eliminated.

Monkeybug did not appear in Top Dog. DJ and Izzy were elimianted due to Sierra telling DJ to vote for Izzy, and Izzy to vote for DJ, Ezekiel to vote for DJ. Sierra voted for Izzy.

Monkeybug did not appear in Mutiny on the Soundstage. No one was eliminated.

Monkeybug did not appear in The Aftermath: IV. When it came time for the vote Sierra lost.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Monkeybug didn't appear until the end of the episode when he comes out of the kitchen, when Chris is announcing the third season. Monkeybug asks what is going on. Chris said that the third season is about to start. Monkeybug then joined in and said that he was back there because he was in hiding. The third season begins.


  • Tyler, Lindsay, Beth, Owen, Monkeybug, Izzy, Sierra, Trent and DJ were on the Killer Grips.
  • Gwen, Blaineley, Noah, Alejandro, Bridgette, Hether, Ezekiel and Geoff were on the Screaming Gaffers.
  • Noah, Blaineley, Owen, Monkeybug and Sierra were the only people not elimianted by Sierra.
    • Of these people, Noah and Sierra are the only people not to be elimianted by someone in Sierra's alliance.

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