Hi! I'm Mno64, a fan of the show since TDI and I'm here to talk about something I wanted to tell people a long time ago but couldn't do so, since I had no idea this blog existed. I'll be updating this list each day, not an specific time, but just day.

Today I'm going to talk about what characters deserve a Final 5 spot if not a win, some might be spected, some might be not that predictable, some might be, and then there's THAT person who DESERVES a win and I think we all can agree. I know, I know, getting this list only 10 out of 64 (since its 12 from TD and 4 from RR... winners, that is)

Now some rules:

-NO WINNERS (Owen, Gwen, etc.)

-At least ONE character per cast (I mean, there are two per season lol, little spoiler)

-A place can be shared up to two characters at once

Now, with that out of the way, let's start with number 10...

Oh, yeah! Spoilers ahead :3

10 - Dwayne (Father, RR)

We all should appreciate what our fathers do for us, they let us live with them 'till our mid 20s or so. Dwayne Father is no exception, this guy took risks, got kicked, even got a tatoo in his chin to make his son Jr. aknowledge he IS cool, which he isn't, because "he is a dad". He is on this list not only because his inconditional love for his son, but he is for his efforts. Tbh I legit thought he was getting further into the race, maybe even top 3 (but we all know that the teams that made it, totally deserved it) He only got eliminated because Jr. forgot mistook the family rule about separating. Also, when have we seen a fatherly figure made it THAT far? DJ? Only to merge ONCE, B? He got screwed by Scott (btw, B is also deserving, but he is not on the list) so yeah, watching a fatherly figure making it to the top cut, would be great. He also dislikes his wife, if that's something

9 - Ella (TDPI)

Yeah, I loved Ella in Pakithew... She has an amazing abilty in pulling a "Snow White" (character her design is based on btw) and let animal help her, she is also a cutie one and a nice person. The way she was eliminated was a bit unfair IMO, I honestly thought Sugar would try to eliminate her and something came up and screwed her plans, kinda like an episodic gag. but yeah, she also has so much character potential. Also next time you write her, please do it with passion like you did with another batch of 13 contestants... from the same season... Yeah, I thought she was written a little poorly.

8 - Justin (TDI)

First of three characters with unwasted potential. The main antagonist of the first half of TDA, and the worst written elimination imho, well not worse, but lazy written. Justin did literally nothing in TDI except pour water on himself and have 5 lines, and in TDA he was going all in and great until Courtney came along. His run was going pretty cool, but from the merge onwards it was all downfall. Rumor has it that the finale that was originally planned for TDA was Justin vs Lindsay, and I would've prefered that, rather than Duncan vs Beth, that finale was... weird. Justin also has made some of the best plays in the whole series to not get at least to top 5.

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