• Mno64

    Hi! I'm Mno64, a fan of the show since TDI and I'm here to talk about something I wanted to tell people a long time ago but couldn't do so, since I had no idea this blog existed. I'll be updating this list each day, not an specific time, but just day.

    Today I'm going to talk about what characters deserve a Final 5 spot if not a win, some might be spected, some might be not that predictable, some might be, and then there's THAT person who DESERVES a win and I think we all can agree. I know, I know, getting this list only 10 out of 64 (since its 12 from TD and 4 from RR... winners, that is)

    Now some rules:

    -NO WINNERS (Owen, Gwen, etc.)

    -At least ONE character per cast (I mean, there are two per season lol, little spoiler)

    -A place can be shared up …

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