The Elimination Table


So we are here at almost at the end of Total drama if we were the makers. And what would be the best thing to do before the finale? A countdown ofcourse so let begin.


Some when earlier than I thougt some went later than I thougt, but what did you think about some eliminations, my personal shokers where Izzy's and DJ's elimination but what were your personal shoking moments? Well let me know and let me also know who you hoped that made it to the final 2 (except the two who are actually in the final 2).

24. Justin "Justin" had a short journey in this blog series, eventhough it wouldn't be the first one I eliminate you did eliminate him first which made him the first male who left this show.

23. Ezekiel "Ezekiel" lasted longer than he ever did in the original season but not by much. He was the first Killer bass to be eliminated and the second Male and character overal.

22. Courtney "Courtney's" Elimination came as a suprise to me, I thougt there were alot of you liked her but okay. She was the first female to be eliminated.

21 Cody "Cody" is the second male of the gopher to be eliminated, which was a close one cause it was almost a tie at his elimination, this was another suprise to me but it happend and he was the second Gopher to be eliminated.

20. Trent

"Trent" not much to say about his eliminated I wasn't suprised to see him getting eliminated but also didn't saw it coming.

19. Katie

"Katie" I hope she came farther than she actually did but her elimination wasn't quite unexpected. it was ether Katie or Eva but it looks like people like Eva more than Katie

18. Gwen

"Gwen" just like Courtney I expected her to make it farther than this but I guess people had enough of C&G.


"Sadie" there is not much to say about this elimination saw it coming since people tried to vote her off for a few Eliminations.

16. Duncan

"Duncan" I hope he came farther than this but just like C&G it looks like they also had enough of the D-man.

15. Beth

"Beth" I like Beth but I think her elimination came just at the right moment. She also received more votes in the pervious eliminations. so I kinda saw coming.

14/13 Izzy

"Izzy" OH WHY did you guys voted her off? I just don't get it. but she did get voted off and was one of the biggest suprises in the season for me. I thought she was gonna make it atleast to the final 4. But it turned out different.

13/14 Sierra

"Sierra" unlike Izzy I saw this one comming, she received votes since the first elimination, personally I hope she came farther than she did but I understand why you wanted her gone.

12 Alejandro

"Alejandro" for alot of you this was a FINALLY HE'S GONE for some of you, like Sierra he received votes since the first elimination of the bass.

11. Eva

"Eva" her first elimination was predictable and her second too not much to say about she was first character that returned to be eliminated again.

10. Tyler

"Tyer" it was a tie that killed his chances. He and Harold had the same amount of votes but the previous 2 eliminations Tyler received more votes than Harold and got eliminated, for some it was a shoking elimination cause some of you voted off Harold in the next elimination with the reason because off him Tyler is gone.

9. Heather

"Heather" she got a pretty clean run this season, didn't received much votes and got a easy time getting to the merge. but out of nowhere you guys voted her out.

8. Owen

"Owen" he is the second returner who got eliminated. I don't get much to say about his first and second elimination.

7. Harold

"Harold" He came way farther than I expected. I was suprised he made it to the merge and made it to the final 7, his elimination was coming since the final 10 but he held on as long as he could.

6. Leshawna

"Leshanwa my sista Leshawna. I'm happy with her run in this season. Yes she's my favorite character and made it far. It was a awesome season for her.

5. Geoff

"Geoff" he made a hard time this season together with Sierra he had most "LOW" positions off all the character. but also won one elimination. so he did it good even though he had a hard time.

4. Bridgette

"Bridgette" like all the final 4 character she had a really good and easy time in the season won 2 time invincibillity and 2 time low which make it a tot off 0. Not much more to say about her time in the show.

3. DJ

"DJ" he was the strongest in this season, he won 3 time invincibillity and the first time he recieved votes was at elimination 21. I hoped he made it to the final 2 but most off you didn't wanted that. but okay he was a awesome competitor this season.

who will win?

it's between Noah and Lindsey now. who will win? Thursday is the final 2 and than it's all up to you who will win season 1 of total drama if we were the makers.

Season 2?

I'm gonna make a season two of this blog serie with the TDROTI cast and Blaineley. The teams are the same as in tdroti but Blaineley will be on the Muntant Maggots.

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