The Elimination Table


So we are at the final 3, and with we I'm talking about Noah, Lindsey and DJ!! I would like to tell who you have to vote but I can't, you what let them tell themself why you should vote for them!! (please read the speeches cause 2.0 put alot of work in them).


Noah - Um Hi. I guess I would just like to start out by saying how difficult it must have been to vote for us. Leaving comments for votes, hard work, am I right? I'm sure you've all been wasting valuable time. But enough about how insulting I am being, which probably won't help me much in this speech, I think I should win because I'm the smartest, plus it wouldn't hurt, you know...winning money. Money is good. I think I say this for everyone when I indeed say..Money is something we all want. Topped off with my intelligence, and this money, I have a bright future ahead of me. I can afford to get in some of the best colleges and perhaps open up some agencies that can improve many lives. Lives that possibly are ruined by a cynical host that wears two tons of hair gel. I fear that I am sounding too...cynical. Overlook that. I can only reach victory with my brains, my quirkiness that apparently everyone can't get enough of, and your votes. So for Noah.

Dj - What's up everybody! Dj here! With the time I spent on this season, I've managed to overcome a lot of tasks. I feel that I am a stronger and wiser person now. And with these newfound strengths, I feel that I could really make my mama proud by reaching the final 3, and I did! I'm so close to the end. But I can only get there with your help. Your votes are what I need. I hope that if I win I can do so many things to help both people, and animals. With the prize, I promise to save all of the cute animals on this island. They can all safely be returned to a safe, non-artificial habitat. The animals deserve it. Also, I would get me and my family to move back to Jamaica. For the people, I will try my best to open more animal sanctuaries and get more people interested in helping animals. Animals and people aren't too different you know. I hope that this all can be accomplished when you consider voting for me. So please, vote for Dj.

Lindsay - Hello! Hi! I'm Lindsay! You all are soooooo nice for helping me get here. I love being in the final 3. Everyone in the final 3 are also sooooooo nice. Wow...I just realized that everyone is sooooooo nice here. Yay! So, I would like to win because I think that I can help a lot of people! There are a lot of problems out there. For example. The fashion nowadays can be touched up a little. Plus the design of malls is too confusing. But better than that, I heard people tell me I should get smarter, so maybe I'll open a few schools. Education sounds pretty! I also believe I deserve to win because I have all of your support...right? I don;t really know but..Wow, speeches are hard. But I believe that I can overcome that. I can overcome anything at this point. I had faith in the beginning and I am so happy I could make it here. Thank you all. So please, vote for Lindsay


You have to vote for the TWO who have to be in the final 2!!!!

Special thanks

A special thanks to 2.0 for writing the speeches.

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