The Elimination Table


So last time was epic, alot of votes and everybody had atleast 2 votes against him or her but in the end Izzy had the most votes and was eliminated but since it was a double elimination there was another charater that had to be eliminated but there was a tie between Tyler and Sierra, and the rule was if there is a tie I look back at the last 3 eliminations and in the last 3 elimination Sierra received the most votes so she was the second one who got eliminated.


I hope the get more votes this time!! So ask other people to vote here in the chat ( I can't I'm banned untill november (?))

The Merge!!!!!

The teams merges right here (!!) so it's everyone for him/herself.

The characters that made it to the merge are:

Heather , Lindsey , Noah, Tyler, Alejandro, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Harold and Leshawna.

And they will stay for another elimination cause nobody will be Eliminated!!

A few facts

Out of all who made it to the merge, Alejandro is the biggest survivor.

DJ is the only one out of all who made it to the merge who never had any vote against him.

Leshawna is the character with the largest winning streak, although I have to say it has to do with her switching teams.

Time to vote for who already has been eliminated.

it's time to give two characters a chance to compete again. you guys have to vote for the two who need to comeback in the game. I also want to see the reason why you want them to return, i'm just interested nothing else.

the eliminated character are:

Izzy, Sierra, Beth, Duncan, Owen, Sadie, Gwen, Eva, Katie, Trent, Cody, Courtney, Ezekiel and Justin.

Also the characters that return cannot be voted out the next elimination!! so think good about.

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