The Elimination Table

The Muntant Maggots Page

The Toxic Rats Page


It was pretty clear who you all want to be gone, it was Staci The Muntant Maggots loses once again, but this time you guys don't have to vote someone off but you have to vote for which Maggot goes to the Rats, and also you have to vote for who to return!

The teams

The teams are the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots just like in TDROTI but to make each team have the same amount of character Blaineley is on the Muntant Maggots..


Time to undo a wrong elimination, you gotta vote for who to return: The eliminated characters are: Scott, Blaineley, Anne Maria, Brick and Staci. vote for one to return. The returning character will be on the winning team.

Loosing Team

The Loosing team is the Maggots , but you have to vote for who has to go to the rats these are the remaining Maggots: Cameron, Dawn, Jo, Mike and Zoey.

The Merge and returning character

The Merge will be at the final 6 There will be 2 characters returning one at the final 9 one will return at the merge

What do I have to vote

You have to vote for the team that has to loose the next elimination, You have to vote for which Maggot goes to the rats. you have to vote for which eliminated character has to return.

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