this is a blog about how a TD season is built, cause i've noticed a pattern in each season of TD

What kinda character make it to the top of total drama.

like I said I found a pattern on what kinda character make it far in td now here they come

The most developed characters:

In all TD season there are about 4 or 5 developing characters and most of the time they make it to the final 7.

The punchbag:

In all TD season there is one punchbag at the time, the character who get's all the phisical pain to endure of everything that happens.

The antagonist:

I don't have to explain this.

The betrayder:

The character who betrayed someone/thing that causes her/his elimination

Each season


The antagonist:

Heather, no explain needed

The most developed characters:

Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna.

The betrayer:


The punchbag(s):

Trent, Owen


The antagonist:

Justin, Courtney.

The most developed characters:

Justin, Lindsey, Harold, Beth.

The betrayer:


The punchbag:

Justin, Harold, Duncan.


The antagonist:


The most developed characters:

Heather, Alejandro.

The betrayer:


The punchbag:

DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Duncan, Cody, Heather (lol notice something?).


The antagonist:


The most developed characters:

Brick, Mike, Jo, Zoey and Cameron

The betrayer:


The punchbag:

Brick, Dakota, Lightning and Cameron.

Awser to your comments

Ezekiel is a punch bag in TDWT!

Well in my opinion not, everything that happend to him in world tour is all the result of his own actions. So no he's not a punch bag. And it's not a part of his character, just like Tyler.

Scott is also a punch bag!

Well not at the same level as the others, just like Ezekiel most of the thinks that happend to him is a result of his own actions. 

Why is Jo a betrayer?

Well first I have to say what I mean with betrayer is that the character somehow betrayed one or more character what resulted in his or her elimination.

Heather betrayed Lindsey in season 1 and in episode 25 it bites her in the butt when Lindsey gave her the challenge to cut her hair.

In season 2 Leshawna Betrayed" her team with the spa reward and in the end Courtney used it to get her out of the game.

Season 3 Gwen "Betrayed" Courtney by kissing Duncan what ends up in her elimination 3 episodes later.

Now Jo, Jo betrayed Lightning by puching him into Fang's mouth, the next episode Lightning confinced Cameron to turn his back against Jo and that end's up into Jo's elimination.

Zoey and Mike didn't developed.

Well on some level I agree with you all but we've seen much more of them than most other character. Besides Mike having multiple characters makes him already have more personallity then some character of other shows and with Zoey her development started after Mike was eliminated showing a different side of her. And yes it would be nice if they make "Mike Mike" more interesting in season 5. 

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