who will be the antagonist?

since like in every season there has to be a antagonist, but who will it be?

It is harder than ever to find one who is right since ether they already have been antagonist (heather and courtney) or are villains but not evil enough to be antagonist (Lightning and Duncan). Some are to nice or crazy to be the antagonist (Cameron and Sierra *maybe Owen*), that leaves 2 from those who are already confirmed/semi confirmed, Dawn and Mike. And to be honest they both could be a good antagonist since they both have something evil about them.


To be really honest what do you actually know about Dawn? She likes animals, she can read aura's and she can get really angry if you mess with her or her team.

What have we seen Dawn do in season 4? Reading aura's (especially B's) meditate, sincing  where animals are, make animals calm, sorta warned Dakota from her future, mentioned Mikes personalities to Zoey, flipped over Scott's cheating.

So.. we don't really know much about Dawn, her stereo type was a moon child, what does that mean? Just like the preduces say a nicer term for weirdo? or is there more?


Unlike Dawn we know alot about mike, and unlike Dawn I am not mentioning everything that comes to mind if I think of Mike, but did he really defeat his personalities or just 4 of them?

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