So I was listening music and looking on this website and all of a sudden I thought, What if we were the producers of total drama, who would we eliminate and who or which team would we give Invincibility? So I thought about it and I desided to make it a game. I'm gonna make 2 versions, one with the old cast + Sierra and Alejandro and one with the new cast. every 2 or 3 day I will make a new blog of who is eliminated which team or person wins Invicibillity until there is one left and that would be the td wikia winner.


You can only vote once, if you vote twice the first one will only be counted.

No cursing, no discusions, no "I like this" comments.


the teams are the same in TDI but Killer bass will have Alejandro added to the team and Screaming gophers will have Sierra added to their team.

First time

Because this is my first blog, there is just one question you need to answer.

Which team losses?

Killers Bass + Alejandro

Screaming Gophers + Sierra

The team with the most votes will loose and needs to eliminate one character in my next blog.

Hope you understand it!

Peace, Mr. Unknown

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