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With 75% of the votes it was the fame monster Dakota who won from the game junkie Sam, it was a good season with alot of suprices. But it's time for season 3!!

My very very last elimination blog

After two seasons of Tdiwwtm I gave it to someone else, that doesn't mean i'm not active anymore but I'm not doing this anymore. But anyone who ever gonna take over this blog series can always ask for help and idea's.


The team names for season 3 are The Newbies and the All-Star. The members of team Newbies : Jo, Anne Maria, B, Mike, Dawn, Cameron, Brick, Sam and question mark. The members of team All-Stars: Heather, Owen, Harold, Leshawna, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Lindsay and Question Mark.

Season 3.

Season 3 start when Dami start with it.

Where do you have to vote

Well say something nice about me :-D lol

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