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So 12 are down 2 are still standing, but before we are gonna see who is the last one standing we are gonna look at the journey of the other 12 who didn't made it so far.

The teams

The teams are no teams anymore but if you still wanne look the the team pages scrol up and click on one of the links.

Season 3.

More information right here Season 3 ..


14. Scott He didn't made it far it only took him 2 episodes to be eliminated. I personally hoped he made it farther than that but you voted him off

13. Blaineley She was the only competitor who was not in season 4, I don't have much to say about her elimination just that it was a bit early to me.

12. Staci She stayed in way to long (for me) but I guess you all wanted her to come this far.

11. Zoey I like her but she came so far in the original season that I was kinda glad she didn't made it farther than this.

10. Lightning I really like Lightning but I do understand that people don't like him but I guess he came as far as he can get.

9/8. Jo The female Jock. She made it, just like Lightning, as far as she can get. She got eliminated at the same time as Anne Maria.

8/9. Anne Maria Tan in a can, just like in the original series she got eliminated in a double elimination but unlike in the original series she did get voted out. she was the first character returning character to be eliminated.

7. B B got eliminated, I don't know why be he did. It was the second most unexpected elimination to me.

6. Mike Vito, Chester, Svetlana and Mike all got eliminated at the same time. Ironicly he ended 6th just like in the original series

5. Dawn The most favorite girl of the second cast got eliminated? this was the most unexpected elimination of the season.

4. Cameron The biggest survivor in total drama if we were the makers. he was in the bottom 2 for 7 times.He was in bottom in elimination 5,6,10,11,12,13,14 and 15.

3. Brick He got eliminated to early but he returned and made it to the final 3 that was a good run.

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