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The surviver of the season is gone, Cameron, after being 7 times in the bottom 2 he got eliminated. We are at the final 3 now it's time to vote for who makes it to the final 2. They came on Chris's talkshow and gave a speech why they should make it to the final 2 and why they should win.

The teams

The teams are no teams anymore but if you still wanne look the the team pages scrol up and click on one of the links.

Season 3.

More information right here Season 3 ..

The speeches

Chris: Season 2 everybody! And we've got our final 3! Yeah..speech time.. So go!

Dakota: I would like to thank everyone who got me here. The producers for allowing me on the show. Chris for being the bestest host. My fellow competitors for their game. And my parents for their support. Also, most importantly, THE FANS! I love the fans. Thank you all soooooo much. I am so thrilled to be here in the final 3. I am just so excited. I hope you all will finish the job and help me, Dakota Milton, reach for the stars. Vote Dakota for the million.

Brick: Good day! Sirs and m'ams. I am honored to hav been eliminated, been brought back, and have made it to the final 3. I even peed myself a little before I came up to give this speech....I should have left out that detail. Anyway, I had faith in the fans at the very beginning. Boy was I right. I have never seen such die-hard, loyal fans ever in my lifetime. I hope to make you all proud. Vote Brick for the million.

Sam: Oh. Hey everybody. I'm Sam. Yeah. I spent a majority of my my mom's basement. But that's okay, because I have beaten the old me, and replaced it with the new me. The new me who makes it to the final 3 in dangerous, radioactive game shows. Hehe. So, overall. I managed to overcome so many things here. I survived my tech withdrawal. I even got the girl! (waves to Dakota) I only hope I can get the new high score..I mean the million. Vote Sam for the million.

vote for who made it to the final 2.

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