The Elimination Table

The Muntant Maggots Page

The Toxic Rats Page


It started pretty clear who you all wanted to be gone but somehow there came a twist in the votes and B (GASP) ended up being voted out. But it was also a battle for invincibillity but in the end it was Dawn who won invincibillity.

The teams

The teams are no teams anymore but if you still wanne look the the team pages scrol up and click on one of the links.

Season 3.

16, what has 16 to do with season 3?

Who will be voted out?

you all have to vote someone off and since that Dawn has invincibillity. These are the characters you can vote off: Brick, Cameron, Dakota, Mike and Sam.


You guys have to vote for one person to win invincibillity

What do you have to vote?

You have to vote for who has to go.

You have to vote for who has to win invinicibillity.

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