The Elimination Table


It was close one, but in the end it's Owen (Gasp) who had the most votes and got eliminated..


I hope the get more votes this time!! So ask other people to vote here in the chat ( I can't I'm banned untill november (?))

Swaping Teams

After Owens elimination is Noah the only male competitor on the screaming gophers and Bridgete is the only female on the killer bass, so I think A female of the gophers have to swap teams with a male of the bass.

These are the female competitors of the screaming Gohpers Beth , Heather , Izzy , Leshawna, Lindsey and Sierra

The losing team

The losing team is Killer Bass so you can vote one off this team.

For the people who don't know who's on this team.

Alejandro, Bridgette ,DJ , Duncan, Geoff, Harold, Tyler .

The character with the most votes will be eliminated so cast your vote, also vote for the team who has to loose next time!!!!!

if there is a tie,I will look how many votes each one received in the last 3 elimination . for example if there are characters with both 5 votes against them and in the last 3 eliminations one had 2 votes against him/her and the other had 3 votes against him/her I gonna tally up that means the one with 8 votes gonna be eliminated.

The merge.

The merge will be when the final 10 remains.

Returning contastant.

The number of contastant that will return is 2.

What do you have to vote?

you have to vote the person you want to be eliminated the team that has to lose next the male competitor of the killer bass that have to swap teams the female competitor if the Screaming Gophers that have to swap teams.

For example

I eliminate ...

I want the ... to lose next \ I want Duncan to swap teams

I want Heather to swap teams