Season 5 of Total drama soon (well kinda soon) and what is more fun than to predict how it will go (well actually alot of things are more fun) So let's begin, this is how I think/hope it will go.

The prediction

Mike has a new evil personallity that is randomly triggered and afterwards Mike can't remember anything if he snaps out of it and has a similar name as 'Mike' Mike..


Courtney and Heather will fight all season with each other untill one of them is eliminated.


Sam is gonna have the most development this season due being the black sheep in this season.

Duncan Line Aftermath 4

Duncan will probally make it to the merge for the 4th time.

Greece alejandro failed

Alejandro will probally be eliminated before the merge.

The elimination prediction

13th. Cameron, He will be eliminated because Mike's new evil personallity manange to get him of the show.
EPBW (16)

12th. Zoey, Again Mike's new personallity get rid of her somehow.


11th. Alejandro, in a team with his enemies he probally is getting voted out first.

Sierra isn't impressed

10th. Sierra, without Cody there is not much about Sierra, I really like her but I think she won't get far.


9th. Heather, she get voted out because she is a ..... (fill the dots in for yourself) but that is what we love about her.


8th. Lightning, after last episodes switch between Gwen and Courtney and a four way tie Lightning lost at a footbal game .

TDWT4 08

7th. Courtney, after Duncan teamed up with Jo and got rid of Courtney.



6th/5th. Duncan/Gwen after making it to the merge they lost the challenge and got eliminated both.

Runaway Model (64)

4th. Sam After a awesome season he got voted out by a soul vote from Mike


3rd. Mike, after getting more confused he got crazy and lost the challenge against Jo and Lindsay

Final 2

Runaway Model (66)

Jo and Lindsay,, after the MvsM final last year a I think there is gonna be a FvsF final this season and to me these are the best fitting final 2

Don't complain

Okay say what you think and don't camplain ESPECIALLY THE HARDCORE COURTNEY FANS since they don't accept Courtney any lower than the top -1 or something. One reason why I think that Courtney won't make it to the final 2 is is because she switch teams.. Anyway.


I would love to see that happen especially one underrated character which name I am not gonna say Leshawna. Who do you hope debuts if there is gonna be someone?

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