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    Okay this was already comming for a long time but now it's the time. I am gonna leave this wiki for good and will not be active here anymore. When I first came here I thought this wiki was amazing, the activities the information the people but the longer I stayed the more I saw the true face of this wiki and I decided to not stay here anymore. 

    I will miss some people, I am not saying any names but they know it themself. I hope this wiki overcome there flaws and again become a amazing wikia. 

    auf wiedersehn, tot ziens, goodbye.


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  • Misterunknown

    I did one last year   (results are here ) and I am gonna do another one since people seems to wanna see who is the favorite td character out there. This blog ends at wednesday the 10th of july! So 4 days to cast your vote!

    Just put you 10 favorite characters in the comments, I will count up the votes and the one will make a list of how many votes everyone had and just a simple summary about the character. There is no ending date yet..

    Nice guys finish last that's why I threat you like trash, but that's not what I really want to do. (talk) 15:34, June 29, 2013 (UTC)!

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  • Misterunknown

    Season 5 of Total drama soon (well kinda soon) and what is more fun than to predict how it will go (well actually alot of things are more fun) So let's begin, this is how I think/hope it will go.

    Mike has a new evil personallity that is randomly triggered and afterwards Mike can't remember anything if he snaps out of it and has a similar name as 'Mike' Mike..

    Courtney and Heather will fight all season with each other untill one of them is eliminated.

    Sam is gonna have the most development this season due being the black sheep in this season.

    Duncan will probally make it to the merge for the 4th time.

    Alejandro will probally be eliminated before the merge.

    The elimination prediction

    13th. Cameron, He will be eliminated because Mike's new evil per…

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  • Misterunknown

    this is a blog about how a TD season is built, cause i've noticed a pattern in each season of TD

    like I said I found a pattern on what kinda character make it far in td now here they come

    The most developed characters:

    In all TD season there are about 4 or 5 developing characters and most of the time they make it to the final 7.

    The punchbag:

    In all TD season there is one punchbag at the time, the character who get's all the phisical pain to endure of everything that happens.

    The antagonist:

    I don't have to explain this.

    The betrayder:

    The character who betrayed someone/thing that causes her/his elimination


    The antagonist:

    Heather, no explain needed

    The most developed characters:

    Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna.

    The betrayer:


    The punchbag(s):

    Trent, Owe…

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  • Misterunknown

    antagonist of season 5

    December 25, 2012 by Misterunknown

    since like in every season there has to be a antagonist, but who will it be?

    It is harder than ever to find one who is right since ether they already have been antagonist (heather and courtney) or are villains but not evil enough to be antagonist (Lightning and Duncan). Some are to nice or crazy to be the antagonist (Cameron and Sierra *maybe Owen*), that leaves 2 from those who are already confirmed/semi confirmed, Dawn and Mike. And to be honest they both could be a good antagonist since they both have something evil about them.

    To be really honest what do you actually know about Dawn? She likes animals, she can read aura's and she can get really angry if you mess with her or her team.

    What have we seen Dawn do in season 4? Reading aura's (…

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