This blog is a rough draft and will be edited often so please keep checking. However, you can still apply for a position in January's issue in the comments. Just read all the details first!


Yep, Newsletter is officially returning - but it won't return until (around) January. It will be put together by three head editors - Neko, Ryan, and Missy with some additional help from AJ. This means that we will need some writers to help put together Newsletter! We won't be collecting official entries until mid December. Right now we just need to know who wants to do what. Note: This is a rough draft blog and things will be adjusted and changed from time to time so please keep checking!

Please note that if you are interested in writing for Newsletter, you will need to have some free time on your hands. An entry will be due each month at a certain date. Different people will be chosen each month. Please do not apply if you will not have enough time to complete your entry.

The topics that will be in the Newsletter include...

If you are interested in writing for any of the topics, read all of the details for that topic first before you submit the sample because some are specified!

  • Comics - (For the sample make a Total Drama related comic. Please make them appropriate and make sure it follows the Wiki's rules. You will be doing the same for each Newsletter issue, but you will have to make sure they aren't too repetitive.)
  • Total Drama News - Bridgette_dj10
  • Wiki News - Wiki News will include news on the latest happenings throughout the wiki. This means that it also includes updates on the wiki's activities. For the sample give a review (news article style) of the latest wiki news, including proposals, activities, and stuff like that.
  • Letter From the Editors - neko-naito and misstditylerfan
  • Advice Column - (For the advice column you will have to give advice to someone looking for it. There will be real readers from the Newsletter that will be able to anonymously be able to ask for advice on a website that lets you do so. It does not have to be Total Drama related but it does have to be appropriate and follow the wiki's rules. For the sample give advice to this "reader" - I have been best friends with my friend since pre-school and we have always done everything together! However, last month she stopped calling me and we haven't been hanging out as much. I wondered why this was happening so I asked another one of her friends if she had been mad at me or something. Her friend told me that my best friend was jealous since I liked the same guy as her - but I didn't! That means she was spreading rumors by telling everyone I liked him even though I didn't! Should I ask her to stop or just let her get away with it to avoid awkwardness and losing our friendship? What should I do? Please help! -Anonymous) Note that this is the only position that will go to the same person each month. It is a definite position. So please make sure you know that when applying.
  • Episode Reviews - (If you are applying for this, in your sample review any episode you want. Summarize it and review your opinion on it. However in Newsletter's official issues you will review the episodes that are currently airing at the time.)
  • Art Contest - The art contest will include a different topic each month and users will have to submit a Total Drama related image with the topic applied. This topic includes no samples required. I will pick people that didn't get accepted for the other positions to be the three judges for this topic.

If you are interested in any of those positions, please let us know by commenting on this blog with a sample of it. Please follow all requirements listed in that area. The samples will help us to decide who gets what part so be careful and try your best when making it. Remember you can apply for more than one position! Different people will be chosen each month.

Thanks! Heart 20x20 Missy Talk Heart 20x20 01:16, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

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