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  • Missfortune1313

    I need help. I'm writing a fanfiction about Courtney and Mike. The thing is I don't really have the time to review her episodes to look for her kinder moments to make it believeable that he would actually go for her.  But I know she is nice underneath all of that competiveness. So my question to you is:


    BTW: Scourtney fans please don't kill me.

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  • Missfortune1313

    So everyone, for the most part seems excited for tomorrows episode. I personally am not. The past couple of episodes the TD staff have been giving us weren't bad by any means, they just lack in certain areas. Evil Dread I felt was really funny, yet the only remotely interesting thing happening in the episode being the discovery of Mikes new persona. Saving Private Leechball is an episode where I swear to goodness; I don't why I dislike it. I don't. It has all kinds of interesting situations going on. Not my cup of tea I guess. I digress. Despite myself having issues with the previous installments I do however, have a handful of theories for the newest one:

    1. Courtney will discover a shocking revelation about one of the other campers.

    As see…

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