Hey Guys and Gals of Total Drama,

This is Mike2INTERNETSENSATION here saying that he will be posting blog post on every team on Total Drama. First Team is the sad Team Victory. Members: Lindsay, Harold, Leshawna, Elzekiel, Bridggette, and DJ. I would give the team 2 stars if I could rate it. The team is so bad it actually has 6 contestants and can't win a thing. So far, this team is the only team to have a elemination. Here are some stats about the contestants:

Leshawna: Labeled: Captin

Lindsay: Labeled: Not So Helpful

DJ: Labeled: Not So Useful

Bridggette: Labeled: Boyfriend Obbsessed

Harold: Labeled: Annoying

Elzekiel: Labeled: Wannabe

Well, this is the end of Team Victory. Next Team Amazon.


P.S. Wish Team Victory luck in New York, New York.

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