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First of all I'm really sorry about last few days. I didn't have any time or what- soever to do a blog like this. So now I'll be doing 2 analysis blogs! So today's first couple will be the Vegans!The Vegans are really liked by most of the fandom, because (in my opinion) TD really needed a real vegan - type character since Dawn wasn't exactly a Vegan *cough* creep *couph* and they are exactly what most (maybe all) of us wanted. They came to the show in order to donate for their favourite projects with the money. It was obvious they were fillers but still had a really good plot.

I dislike Laurie a lot. She couldn't get into a challenge because she had eaten a sheep. I understand she is a hippie - but even Miles (appears to be more sensitive) got through it. I didn't like her agressive nature and was really happy (oh, evil me) to see her face get deformed. I wasn't really pleased though when she got eliminated since she and Miles formed a great team.

On the other hand, Miles is one of my RR personal favourites even though there aren't many reasons. i really liked her design but not enough to have her favourite. The shark joke though totally got me and I made her one of my loved from RR. Even though the upper reasons are really good the thing that made me think she must be one of my favs is her competitive and determined to not loose personality - it really got my heart.

Name: Vegans, Hippies

Members: Laurie and Miles

Possible Leader: Laurie

Age of Members: 16 - 22

Episodes Competing: 6

From 1 to 10: 8

Place in Your RR Couple Opinions: 6th

Change of plans (really sorry)! I don't have time to do a second blog today (maybe next time). But look forward to our next couple: LARPers, Leonard and Tammy!

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