Welcome to another RR Couple Analysis! Today we'll be analysing Tennis Rivals, Gerry and Pete.


I loved Gerry and Pete through all of their episodes. They are basically two old man that used to be tennis rivals but became too old and joined the race in searching of new ways to get on TV and sponsors. They were probably going to use the money to become richer (like most contestants).

My opinion of Gerry is that he totally looks like a filler but was still interesting watching him. It was probably his idea for the plan to follow the Vegans in the challenge (because he looks like the crazier from the two old men D). I really liked how he pushed Pete off in the 1st episode and how he standed against Don when he eliminated them.

For me Pete is kinder - hearted than Gerry because he didn't sabotage them again because of a tennis competition. I like how his design is based on Chris's. However he could use more development and I don't think their timing was right.

Name: Tennis Rivals

Members: Gerry and Pete

Possible Leader: Gerry

Age of Members: 60 - 80

Episodes Competing: 3

From 1 to 10: 8

Place in your RR Couple Opinions: 5th

Comment about your opinions of them down here. And be sure not to miss next time, when I will analysing Vegans, Laurie and Miles!

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