Hello and welcome to RR Couple Analysis! Today we'll be analysing the creeps who are called "Larpers"! File:In.png

The Larpers, Leonard and Tammy are crazy teens that claim that they have mastered the ancient art of magic. Although being proved that there is no magic in TDPI, Leonard is still living with the idea that magic exists. These two are really hated by most of the fandom but I find them a little funny.

I really liked Leonard in past seasons. He was useful for the team and I didn't find his wizard tower awful. In RR though he didn't change much and that was the hint that he and Tammy were early outs I liked how he fread Big O up but I think their timing would have been perfect if they stayed one more episode.

Tammy's design is so cool! I love those Sadie stereotypes, it gives the character more sassines. Except for Tammy who looked freaky, which I liked. I also liked her blue thing and the confetti. Unfortunately, her potential is as big as Leonard's which doesn't give her many possibilities.

Name: LARPers

Members: Leonard and Tammy

Possible Leader: Leonard

Age of Members: 16, 17

Episodes Competing: 2

From 1 to 10: 5

Place in your RR Couple Opinions: 10th

Be sure to see the next TDPTRR Couple Analysis next week, when we will be analysing Mother and Daughter, Kelly and Taylor!

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