Well, I'm doing a blog about who deserved to be eliminated first and why. Also there will be parts of the original first eliminateds and why don't they deserve it.

Total Drama Island

Season with great interactions, great challenges but with not so great first booter

Original first booter: Ezekiel        Why doesn't he deserve it:

Well, at first Ezekiel wasn't such a good contestant and I thought that he'll be too afraid to jump off the cliff and I was surprised when he jumped. He also pushed his crates to the camp and I thought that this would make him safe for another three days on TDI with his teammates. Then he laughed of Harold's joke about Katie and Sadie and that looked like a friendship and safetiness. But when he ade that sexist comment I didn't think he would be so great. Actually I was surprised when he was eliminated over Courtney, who didn't even jump off the cliff.

My first booter: Eva                     Why does she deserve it:

'Eva is shown very strong and mean with all this throwing her wheits on other people such as Cody. Actually her anger personality wasn't revealed until the third episode but she was still mean. She was really brave hoping of the cliff and didn't wear a chicken hat which wasn't pretty surprising since her design was so tuff and she could probably be Jo's first generation version. The only difference between them is that Jo has brain and Eva has amost no brain. But still, she showed that she could be a threat after lifting Ezekiel like a puppy and a crate like a pie and I was thinking that she will be the first booted off.

Total Drama Action

Season with awful interactions, good story and an awesome choice for first booters.

Original first booter: Geordgette   Why do they deserve it:

I don't think they could've even lasted longer than that. There're three simple reasons why they could've lasted longer. First, they won't stop kissing, I don't think that that will be ever helpful for them. Second, they annoy sooooooooooooo many people like Blaineley and Duncan and all the other contestants that those people could convince all the contestants to vote off them. And last: Ummm... I don't think they will compete in many challenges.

Total Drama World Tour

Season with great interactions and a mean firstbooter.

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