This is my fanfiction season of TD, taking place between A and WT. It's called Total Drama Offset. I'm going to reveal character basic designs one at a time. Here is the first character I reveal:


Her name is Mel. Think of her as a mix of Duncan and Jo. She is a bit of a huge b****. Mel likes to torture people, especially guys. She is wild and takes a billion risks. Mel is rude, vulgar, and powerful. Mel's interests are playing drums in her band (Poison Dragonz), clubbing, and hurting little boy nerds She likes TD because of the pain. She has a relationship with Duncan (one sided) and another character on the show. She and another contestant secretly pull off a dangerous stunt on another contestant they both hate and change her life for a long time.

Next week, I'll reveal a contestant with no fear and an insane hobby.

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