Remember when we had things like Featured Picture, Article, etc? My favorite was always Featured Quote. I always wanted to suggest quotes, but didn't have a membership yet. Ah. The quotes were funny, and the comments were free- what you oppose or like.

Now the stuff is gone, but at least we have Caption Crunch. Not as free, though. If it was still going, here are quotes I would nominate:

Duncan: (in confessional) Sure, we could've taken those lame-o antler hats off, but Miss Counselor-In-Training would probably go blab to Chris and have us disqualified. And hey, I kinda liked it.

Chris: (laughing manically after the mutant squirrel attacks Dakota) Most. Danger. EVER!!!

Heather: (in the confessional) Ever since my head was shaved last season, my hair is growing in all patchy and uneven. I have tried everything! Lotions, lasers, traditional Burmese medicine. (drinks Burmese medicine) BAH! Loser shaman! (throws away mug)

Lindsay: Welcome to the club. This will be sooo much fun. As long as you do everything Heather says. (Heather kicks Lindsay in the shin) Ow!

  • Brick: (in confessional) As the only soldier here with any military training, I've definitely got a winning edge. My biggest competition is probably Jo; yeah, good thing we're on the same team. Like my drill sergeant always said: "Keep your enemies close and your rivals closer"...uhuhuh wait, I did that wrong, "Keep your family close and your enemy at arm's length"...uh, no, no no, hold on...
  • Mike: (talking in his sleep) (Switches to "Chester") These young whippersnappers, with all their yammering and tomfoolery! (switches back to "Mike") Ah, C'mon Chester, keep it down! (as "Chester") Fine! For now....
  • There are more out there though.

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