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  • MightyMewtron

    My TD Videos

    October 27, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Videos of me singing TDWT songs.

    Boyfriend Kisser:

    Come Fly With Us:


    A Chinese Lesson:

    This Is How We Will End It:

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  • MightyMewtron

    I put Gwen as my number one!

    Support DxG more than someone!

    Now that everyone's making fun,

    I'm leaving this wiki, pack my bags, I'm done!

    This is how I will stand up (What else can I do?)

    This is how I will stand up (Not listening to you!)


    We called you Courtney, left Duncan in dirt!

    Forgive us, Duncan's hot, don't let it hurt!

    You think it won't take more than that? This is harrassment; it's combat!

    This is how I will stand up (What else can I do?)

    This is how I will stand up (Not listening to you!)


    I've perked you up and let you feel right!

    You're gonna leave it all for this dumb fight?

    It's not like you to sign out and leave us and ditch!

    And right now if you stay with us, I'll patch up this, I'll stitch!

    Please, Em! You w…

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  • MightyMewtron

    I don't think I could reveal one character a week. I'll reveal two a week at various times.

    Anyway, here is the next character for my fanfiction:

    Her name is Angie. She's like a female Bear Gryllis. Angie is a survival expert. She is willing to do anything for survival. She can go "animal" sometimes. She's like Izzy, but when she goes nuts, it helps people live. Angie can fight off bears, anoles, shih tzus, and snakes. She is wild. I may or may not give her an Austrailian dialect because I don't wanna be racist.

    Next time, I'll reveal a guy who's totally far out.

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  • MightyMewtron

    This is my fanfiction season of TD, taking place between A and WT. It's called Total Drama Offset. I'm going to reveal character basic designs one at a time. Here is the first character I reveal:

    Her name is Mel. Think of her as a mix of Duncan and Jo. She is a bit of a huge b****. Mel likes to torture people, especially guys. She is wild and takes a billion risks. Mel is rude, vulgar, and powerful. Mel's interests are playing drums in her band (Poison Dragonz), clubbing, and hurting little boy nerds She likes TD because of the pain. She has a relationship with Duncan (one sided) and another character on the show. She and another contestant secretly pull off a dangerous stunt on another contestant they both hate and change her life for a lo…

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  • MightyMewtron

    Remember The Quote-amo

    September 22, 2012 by MightyMewtron

    Remember when we had things like Featured Picture, Article, etc? My favorite was always Featured Quote. I always wanted to suggest quotes, but didn't have a membership yet. Ah. The quotes were funny, and the comments were free- what you oppose or like.

    Now the stuff is gone, but at least we have Caption Crunch. Not as free, though. If it was still going, here are quotes I would nominate:

    Duncan: (in confessional) Sure, we could've taken those lame-o antler hats off, but Miss Counselor-In-Training would probably go blab to Chris and have us disqualified. And hey, I kinda liked it.

    Chris: (laughing manically after the mutant squirrel attacks Dakota) Most. Danger. EVER!!!

    Heather: (in the confessional) Ever since my head was shaved last season, my hai…

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