• Mickey Cheeky

    My TDRI Prediction

    October 16, 2011 by Mickey Cheeky

    I know that is a bit '... ridiculous to write a prediction about the characters of which I know virtually nothing, but I want to anyway. I hope that comment.

    13) Dakota - One sees very little in the trailer, and the few times you see is the rest of the team. I think that will be eliminated first for a simple reason. And 'well known thatDakota is a "monster". Well, in my opinion is meant to show "Ezekiel-style monster," a person was angry at being eliminated immediately. It 'a theory a little' forced, I realize.

    12) Staci - See Dakota.

    11) Lightning - I think it might be the first victim of Ann Maria It has a great physicist,and could be a threat. is in the opposing team, so my theory is strengthened.

    10) Cameron - So far, the other team has lo…

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