• Mematman15


    I know what you're probably thinking, "Why would I think Bridgette would've been eliminated first?" Well, SHE KEPT MAKING OUT WITH GEOFF.

    14TH - E-SCOPE

    Lol at E-Scope! Great alter ego name, Izzy! Too bad E-Scope was eliminated.

    13TH - GWEN

    Her team got mad at her for throwing the challenges. LOLCAKES



    Her team recently found out that she fake-cried.

    11TH - DJ

    DJ feels guilty about forming a fake alliance with Chef. Therefore, no Killer Grips were eliminated.

    10TH - GEOFF

    He voluntarily voted himself off because he wanted to be with Bridgette.

    9TH - IZZY

    The RCMP (or whatever) finally found her... again!

    8TH - JUSTIN

    His not-so-good looks couldn't keep him in the game anymore. He lost Lindsay AND Beth.

    7TH - HEA…

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