As we all know, Season 6 has just enter development and we've been getting hints and hints from the lovely Ms.Julie Giles. Me and my henchmen Jayden and Moneyballer(Lol JK) have come up with a theory based on those hints from Julie and other sources on who to expect back and what the potential theme is going to be for Season 6.

The Return of the All-Stars

Julie sent out a Facebook post about some of the ballooned All-Stars being found and brought back on the show.... she said it was a rumor and many people dismissed it.....but not us. That rumor was said for a reason and I have some evidence to confirm that we will indeed be having All-Stars back in the game(most likely the ballooned ones)

As you could see here, she said a "couple All-Stars" were seen on the S6 lineup and looking even further they seem to be some of the few faces she recognized along with the probable TDPI cast(F5). Sort of lines up when she said "some" of the ballooned All-Stars would be found and brought back......coincidence or just plain obvious? Now who are these All-Stars you might say? Well Jayden, Moneyballer and I have discussed more about them and figured out who's more probable on making the cut. But let's start deconfirming some of them.

Mike: His story is wrapped up with the removal of his personalities and the closure to his relationship with Zoey. He's done plus Julie said he's most likely not coming back due to controversy.

Zoey: Her plot was to save Mike and she achieved that. Her plot was bonded with Mike's so with his story done, so is hers for now.

Cameron: Is tied to Mike and Zoey by their bond so by extension, he's done with the plot as well.

Gwen: From TDA forward, she's been involved in the infamous love triangle that was hinted at by the end of TDA and went all the way to TDAS. She dumped Duncan and befriended Courtney......only to un-friend Courtney cutting both Duncan and Courtney from her life and making new bonds with Cameron and Zoey. With this, she is no longer chained to the love triangle and has moved on for good....back to her TDA self before she befriended Duncan. Which basically saying, her story's done. 

Alejandro/Heather: Both started out as rivals trying to get the other out of the game in TDWT but as time passed, they started developing feelings for each other but were still trying to get the other out. They left on uncertain terms in the TDWT finale when Heather knocked Alejandro down the volcano. They come back for TDAS and continue where they left off until Alejandro sends her home in retaliation for her actions against him in the TDWT finale. As he said, "they could wipe the slate clean now" which Heather didn't go for. Next episode finally shows everyone that Alejandro really does care about Heather after beating his brother up for mocking her. His confessional even proves this. Then Al gets eliminated and when the time came for both to return in the finale, they finally became a couple after so long and put aside their differences to achieve their happiness. Though they retain their lust for the money, it's clearly not as big as it was before. Thus, their story comes to an end at the finale.

As you could see, there's a reason why those four were specifically released from their balloons at the finale and that's to resolve their plots so they wouldn't show up for next season. As for the ballooned All-Stars, there's a reason why they got blown away. To make sure some of them can't escape another season. But for the ballooned ones who won't be  found anytime soon is most likely Lindsay, Sam and Sierra.

Lindsay: Has no more plot and TDAS clearly proved this. She's done especially without Tyler on the show.

Sam: Wasn't an All-Star from the getco and he also lacked plot as well especially without Dakota. If she isn't coming back, neither is he.

Sierra: Has proven that she needs to be with Cody since TDAS proved she wasn't sane without him. Cameron's parting words to her before her elimination was "You have a real Cody who needs you." Pretty much saying: You're done. Unless Cody returns, I don't see her back anytime soon.

That leaves us with only 5 All-Stars......Lightning, Jo, Duncan, Courtney and Scott. Why these 5 you ask? Well let me explain why.

Lightning/Jo: Their conflict is one of the few TDRI interactions that wasn't dropped in TDAS(along with the Trio's friendship) and they both left without resolving their differences. The TDAS finale not giving them that chance makes it even more apparent that they will return to settle the score with one another.

Duncan/Courtney/Scott: Duncan's sudden interest in Courtney started a bit around Heroes vs Villains where she ignored him and he was obviously distressed about it. He then brings up said interest again in Saving Private Leechball when he starts blanking her while she blanks him hopefully getting a response from her and his words to her when they were switching teams made this even more obvious. Then the biggest of all, Moon Madness. As weird as the episode was, Duncan was clearly obssessing about Courtney and jealous of her newfound interest in Scott. Said obsession cost him Gwen. Now he's single and is most likely still obsessed with Courtney. They wouldn't throw that out there many times if it wasn't true. Then you have Scourtney's uncertain fate when she left the game on bad terms with him after said events(Sundae Muddy Sundae) happened. Plus for neither of these three to have been set free in the finale to resolve their differences is making it even more obvious that they're setting them up for another love triangle for next season when they're found and brought back. There's a reason for everything.

Now that I explained why these 5 are very likely the "couple" of All-Stars Julie saw. Let's talk about the cast size.

Potential cast size for Season 6


As you could see, Julie is confirming 20+ characters being seen on the S6 lineup but reasonable and logical conclusion would place it at 22 like TDI. Why? Having 24 or more would cause less non-elimination episodes(and we know it's TD tradition) plus there would be more hassle with so many characters and giving them all some screentime. But this would also confirm the return to 26 episodes like most people have always wanted. Julie also confirmed a "mix" between old and new characters. We already know 5 of the old characters and with a cast size of 20-22, who'd join them on the "old" side? The TDPI cast. Similar to how the F6 and Sam of TDRI got to come back for All-Stars to compete with the original cast, the F5/6 will most likely join the original All-Stars to compete with the S6 newbies which would leave 5 All-Stars, TDPI F5/6 and the S6 newbies. 10-11 on each side giving us 20-22 total. Now for the theme at long last. 

Theme for Season 6

Now as as many people on here assumed, it's most likely going to be Fans vs Favorites(if it isn't obvious). Julie confirmed another set of newbies on the way AND she already confirmed some All-Stars would return as well. This makes it even more obvious that it's Fans vs Favs. To those who watched Survivor, you'd know why. 10-11 of the old players as stated above will be the "Favorties" while the S6 newbies will make up the "Fans". 

That ends the theory and we'll most likely add more as more info gets released. Ciao.

Honorable Mention:

Julie also confirmed the possibility of one of the S6 newbies being  a goth guy which makes Gwen's chances even slimmer and further proves our point. 

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