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Yeah it's very rare for me to create blogs but I was curious to see how everyone would rank the TDPI cast from what we got from them on the storyboard and designs. How would you rank them so far?

Here's MY Pre-Season rankings:

14. Beardo- Boring and uninteresting. 

13. Scarlett- Doesn't seem like someone I'll get into and could easily be a minor character. I could be wrong.

12. Sky- An asian Zoey? I'll pass. But if she's different when the season airs, I'll reconsider

11. Ella- I've loved Disney since I was a kid and I should be happy we're getting a Snow White expy but..... her singing will probably annoy me greatly so nah.... unless she snags herself a Prince Charming this season, then I'll reconsider.

10. Rodney- I was never really into Wreck-It-Ralph so I don't have much of an opinion on this guy so far.

9/8. Amy/Samey- The good twin/bad twin scenario is a first on this show but they didn't really stand out on the storyboards so they'll stay here for now. Their rankings will most likely change when the season airs especially if they play the evil twin = main antagonist card...... doubt Fresh's that creative.

7. Max- Purple hair? Denzel Crocker(FairyOddParents) and Sierra's lovechild? Ummm ok. His "I'm evil muhahaha" plot seems like it will mirror Duncan's plot in TDAS so I will probably like him or hate him. I doubt he'll be our main antagonist though unless his strategy is to swallow people who anger him or get in the way of his plans. If that's the case, he's already more evil than Mal.

6.  Dave- Noah why? What do you see in Mike to have his child or is it the other way around IDK. But anyways, I think I'll like this guy purely because he'll be a sarcastic jerk to people but mellow down as the season progresses similar to TDI Gwen. Plus DavexSamey? I thought DavexSky but oh well better DavexSamey than another rehashed MikexZoey......

5. Leonard- Ok I'm a sucker for wizards sue me.  Plus his epic speeches and fail wizard shields just made me laugh even more. I think we have our season's Harold and I sincerely hope he goes far.

4. Jasmine- I like her design and her leadership attitude judging from the storyboards. Since I like Heather, Jo and Courtney..... you can already tell why she's this high up on my rankings unless the season proves otherwise.  Plus dat RodneyxJasmine feelings.....

3. Shawn- Guy looks pretty cool. His whole "zombie paranoia" could stem on to some antagonistic views towards the others so he could most likely be a loner of some sorts. Plus his expression on the cast pic shows off an antagonistic smile on his face(or he could just be cocky or smug) Maybe he could be our real main antagonist in the shadows while Max is our antagonist in the daylight making a fool of himself. 

2. Sugar- This girl got 'tude! I liked TDI Leshawna and Anne Maria so this girl will probably end up being one of my favorites after this season's over. The Honey-Boo-Boo parody's obviously there but I could easily look past all that. She's most likely going to be comic relief like Lightning was but yeah. Oh and I ship SugarxGlitter.... so what?

1. Topher- This guy was a lot of fun from the storyboards and I got a good amount of laughs from him. He was one of the few who stood out the most in said storyboards which hopefully means he'll go far. Plus those Chris colors, that cleft chin and that Chris fanboyism. Sierra, you've been replaced. They could do so much with ChrisTopher. Topher could admire Chris from the beginning but like Sierra sees how evil he really is and turns against him or loves him even more. 

Granted these rankings will most likely change since the season has yet to air hence why they're PRE-SEASON rankings. I'll most likely make another blog on character rankings after the first episode, during the season or after the last episode. It depends. You could rank them based on what you saw on the storyboards or their designs. I don't care.

P.S. If you don't like any of the characters or their designs, then don't mind this blog..

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