Ok I usually don't make blog posts like this and this is my first one on the wikia, but I want to start off and say after reading Ryan(TDIFan13)'s last blog post, I think we can all say why he deserves to be an admin here. Well done and you've certainly earned my respect and pretty much everyone else's here. I'm pretty sure Bigez620 was not happy to see his blog post which was SUPPOSED to be joking about what to expect from All-Stars turn into a mega fan-war of hate over ONE character...... which brings me to my point.

What brought us all here in the first place.....? Our love for a show we all enjoy: Total Drama.If you don't love it, then what are you still doing here?  In the past, we all use to enjoy the show for the humor the show is supposed to portray... nowadays Total Drama is known for one thing: The raging fanbase attacks over couples, characters, etc... This is NOT how a kid's show is supposed to be embraced. People who attack others over a difference in opinion should really think of how the other person must feel. "What did I do wrong? I just stated what I liked.." it becomes a form of cyber-bullying of others berating others over what character they should like or not like... or what couple they should support and not support. This is our present state in the Total Drama fanbase and once All-Stars and Pahkitew Island finishes, will the cyber abuse on other's opinion increase or decrease? If it doesn't stop, then I seriously fear for the future of Total Drama lovers everywhere and the future seasons. We need to remember what brought us together in the first place..... a simple cartoon show that we loved watching and loved discussing amongst ourselves in a light-hearted matter, not this "You hate my character, you're a pile of crap" or "You're evil and a monster if you support that couple".... It leads younger fans, who may I remind everyone are new to the show, the lack of confidence to state their opinions and leading them to stop watching the show entirely in fear of getting attacked or ridiculed over simply stating what they felt..... I'm pretty sure that's NOT what the creators of the show had in mind.

I've said what I had to say... If you don't like a character, season, couple or whatever from this show, fine, But it is NOT fine to attack others or put others down just because their ideas are different from your own. It's pure discrimination at it's finest. That's all I have to say as I'm obviously not a good speech writer as Ryan, but hey I tried.

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