Ok it's been like forever since I wrote a blog and it's probably going to take forever to write another one after this because I'm not on here that much anymore but.... I just wanted to share a possible insight/headcanon on Amy and who I believe she'd go best with if she was to be paired with a guy from TD.

All her life, Amy's been pretty much bullying her sister but one could ask why Amy's so bitter and mean especially towards her own sister? Well if one looks deeply into it, it's possible that she's jealous of her sister's personality and how she was able to attract people when they were younger opposed to Amy, who people distance themselves from her due to her incredibly mean and bossy personality. Basically they don't like her for who she truly is just like Heather's parents obviously don't like her for who she truly is(if her audition tape wasn't enough proof) along with the cast. Same for Courtney. They all flock to Samey as the "adorable, likable twin" while leaving Amy the "spiteful. unlikable twin" behind which starts her hatred towards Samey.

Then we move on to her POSSIBLE love life in the past even though it wasn't stated she had any previous boyfriends, someone who's seen as the pretty, alpha chick of her school, I'm sure she must have gotten a lot of guys but there in lies the problem as they were attracted to her looks but not her true personality. Once they got a taste of it, I'm sure they all took off running. Not one would want to stay with someone so overbearing and demanding like Amy. This probably hit her psyche hard and made her believe because she's not Samey, that people don't like her for who she is...which inadvertently caused her to hate Samey even more along with her putting more effort into making Samey's life a living hell. With this knowledge that to get what she wants and to be seen as the better of twins, she would have to hide her real personality and try to be fake to get what she wants......which obviously worked seeing as Samey's been coming in "last" to Amy in almost everything they did outside of the show.. though how much of that is true, we don't really know.

Now we're on Total Drama, were the craziest of teen stereotypes get thrown on a show to get killed. From her cast, we literally see no guy grab Amy's attention or her time including guys like Rodney and especially Topher. With Rodney, while he did display affection for Amy, he did that for Jasmine and Scarlett and probably would have done so to every other girl and their mothers if he had stayed any longer so obviously he wouldn't be right for Amy. With Topher, the guy's in love with hosting and himself sooo....nah. He wouldn't care for Amy or Samey's feelings especially since he was entertained and trying to put a show of the two girls fighting in Twinning Isn't Everything since it would be "great for ratings". Another point, he wouldn't deal with Amy's true nature since their whole team except Jasmine believe Amy to be the nice twin and Samey the bad. 

So now that we got that the guys of her cast wouldn't really work for Amy, what about the other guys from previous casts? Let's look at Amy's personality which is not really that much different from Heather and Courtney's. She's mean, snarky, bossy and manipulative(somewhat). I'd assume she'd look at the biggest jerks so....Alejandro, Duncan, Lightning and Scott come to mind for me. With Alejandro, he's got Heather so it wouldn't work unless Amy likes breathing through a tube courtesy of the queen bee. With Duncan, well while this could work, let's take a look at his previous relationship with Courtney. Yeah why did he lose interest? Oh that's right! Because she was getting way too bossy.... if he couldn't handle her for the long run, how in the world would he last even half a season with an even bossier version of her especially with his growing soft side? With Lightning, it's typical mean jock and mean cheerleader. It could work out but let's go to a favorite quote of mine courtesy of Lightning. "Ain't no one telling Lightning where to dig! I'm my own man!"- Evil Dread. That and other instances where he clashed with Jo in Revenge of the Island shows Lightning actually hates getting bossed around and would constantly clash with Amy just like he does with Jo. While he could be attracted to her looks, he'd eventually grow tired of her bossy behavior and ditch her like Duncan would. It would be a repeat of her previous relationships all over again if she dated Duncan or Lightning.

So that just leaves us with......Scott. Why him you ask? Well thanks to All-Stars pretty much reconstructing him, it would seem that Scott actually has a thing for bossy, mean ladies. In fact, he's like a complete doormat for them evident where in Obsta Kill Kourse , Courtney literally demanded to him that they're back together and ordered him to accept it....which he did with a smile on his face. Even after all Courtney did, he was still willing to take her back if she pretty much ordered him to. His comment "Who's going to yell at me and make me do stuff I don't want to do" in Bold and the Booty-ful just made this even more painfully obvious. He gets turned on by bossy ladies to a disturbing extent. What is Amy good for? Bossing Samey around(and probably others) along with yelling insane orders at people. Scott would more than likely find this appealing and would find interest in Amy assuming he and Courtney never get back together *crosses fingers* while Amy would be disgusted with Scott and just literally treat him like dirt while bossing him around sorta like Courtney did but not as harsh. Seeing Scott actually stick by her and if anything like her even more because of her true personality would definitely shock Amy to the core since all her life people have hated her whenever she tried to act on her real behavior. With time ,a lot of beatdowns and bossing around, this could lead to Amy somehow toning down her cruel behavior towards others especially towards Scott and somehow it could be the breakthrough to finally getting the twins to somehow make amends. Like Amy finally finds someone who accepts her for who she is, so she won't really have much of a reason to be as hostile towards Samey anymore. So after 17 years, Amy might finally start acting like a sister(or atleast try) towards Samey, who would be delighted at the new change in her sister more bullying.

In conclusion, if Amy somehow finds someone who would like her for who she is, she could somehow tone down her negative personality similar to Heather(to an extent) and Courtney did when they discovered love. I just believe it would be Scott for the reasons above. That's just me. Well I'm sort of glad I got this little headcanon out there. Now I sleep. Tell me your thoughts and actually read the blog, not just spout "I still hate Amy! She's a meanie to Samey!"

P.S. I totally didn't write this out of dislike for Scourtney, Ampher and Sampher. *cough cough*

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