Ok... I'm just going to keep it short and sweet. Why do people think TD villains/antagonists deserve "karma" for playing the know for a million dollars??? How else are we supposed to be entertained and would a lot of people honestly be satisified with just a bunch of "nice guys" holding hands and playing pattycake with NO strategy OR drama involved at all? Do people know how boring that would be?? Like I look online and people say they hate them for "eliminating my favorite" or "being way too mean"...... ok that's the point to being a villain for this show. They're supposed to be sneaky and manpulative as it's part of their strategy to win the million dollars...... something a lot of generic "nice" players lack. I personally find the whole "they deserve karma for eliminating such a nice guy" idea ridiculous especially since we're supposed to be entertained and most of the time, the villains are there to dish it out. Just my personal feelings on the matter of "karma" since I find it very annoying to hear on a game show.................... it's not like any of them killed a person...... just played the game by sending them home since that's how you win.

How can you hate on people with game faces like these?

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