From what Chris said in Episodes 6 and 13 of TDAS, it's most likely they'll do another All-Star season somewhere down the road. I know majority of people weren't pleased with the first All-Star season(I'm one of them, but if anyone liked it that's fine too.) so what could a SECOND All-Star season offer for us? What theme do you think they'll use this time as where the first All-Star season was Heroes vs VIllains similar to Survivor. Anything can happen so discuss who you'd want in a second All-Star season, what theme you want them to use, potential couples you want to see happen in that season and the location of said hypothetical second All-Stars season should take place.

P.S. For couples, a friend of mine got me interested on one ship he's trying to start. Since Shawn from TDPI shares a resemblence and similarities(I could be wrong since we don't know much about him yet) to Corey from Grojband and Gwen shares a resemblence and some similarities to Laney, he sort of lumped them together and made Shwen or Gwawn. XD 

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