With TDPI over, we've had two newbie casts after the originals and people have been debating off-site which one is better and now I want to bring the question to the wiki. Which one of the newbie cast do you guys think is better than the other? TDPI or TDRI

Personally, I think the TDPI cast is better due to having better interactions betwen the cast and more fleshed out characters. The friendships and conflicts weren't one-note and I felt real development happened among the cast versus what we got with majority of the TDRI cast so the "Development is impossible within 13 episodes" excuse can be dropped. I honestly don't hate anybody from the TDPI cast just annoyed with a few. Though I will admit some TDRI designs are a bit better than some of the TDPI designs. But that's just some. Not all. 

Feel free to say your thoughts on what newbie cast is better in your eyes.

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