• Matteso586

    Here's what I think about some contestant interactions next season. For more information, click on this link

    Possibly have better control of her anger. And maybe form some type of friendship with Sammy over self-esteem. Which may lead to a training montage.

    Still having a sibling rivalry. And may compete for the affection of some boy voiced by Lyon Smith (the voice of Corey Riffen). Fresh TV thinks its an interesting idea, look it up on their twitter.

    Having a grudge against Scott for getting her eliminated.

    Pretends to be reformed after the events of Pahkitew Island. Although she would keep her hair band and glasses off during some of her confessionals. Will wo…

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  • Matteso586

    If Total Drama gets a 7th (or 6th) season, here are some contestants that I want to return/see. Note: I want to see the Pahkitew cast to interact with the previous cast.

    • Duncan
    • DJ
    • Eva
    • Gwen
    • Courtney
    • Alejandro
    • Lindsey
    • Beth
    • Heather

    • Scott
    • Mike
    • Dakota/Dakotazoid
    • Sam
    • Zoey
    • Cameron
    • Dawn

    • Sammy
    • Shawn
    • Max
    • Scarlett
    • Sky
    • Dave
    • Amy
    • Ella

    If you have anyone else should compete instead, post on the comments below. And yes, I know I named 24 characters, and that some of them are probably still trapped in balloons.

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