have u ever noticed something about the characters? like Gwen,Ezekiel and Noah all r the first person voted off from their team? and whatever Team Owen's on there's someone from his team that gets invincibility after the teams merge. like season 1: Heather, Season 2: Courtney, Season 3: well so far we don't know. but i'm guessing it's got to be Alejandro. and when Lindsay gets voted off she placeses multiples of 3: season 1:9th, Season 2:6th, Season 3:14th(DANG IT!). and whoever placeses 5th wins invinciblity once. and 2nd place wins invincibility only 2 times. also Owen gets voted off by the anti...whatever. like Season 1: Heather helped him win by making Brownies/ he lost because Izzy wasn't in front of the finish line. Season 2: Courtney unfairly got him voted off/fired. Season 3: Alejandro gets Sierra and some others to vote off Owen. (JERK!) also Lindsay is the reason y she gets voted off, like DJ Season 1: Lindsay came in Last place Season 2: She voted her self Season 3: bad fashion. DJ: Season 1: got scared because of Heather, Season 2: Quit because of alliance. season 3: he failed to finish the track by himself. Izzy is the Lowest ranking Female on her Team/always the first person voted off her Team(If u count the Killer Grips and Team Chris thing.) Bridgette gets voted off due to her failing a challenge. Season 1: got sprayed by a skunk. Season 2: kept kissing Geoff and not focusing on the challenge. Season 3: Kissed a pole and made Team Victory lose. Gwen is the reason y Trent is voted off. Season 1:told everyone that she say him kiss Heather. Season 2:Was letting her team win. Cody si the 4th person on his team to be voted off. Duncan has been in the final 5 in all 3 seasons.

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