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  • Masternick3367

    Real Winner of TDA

    August 22, 2010 by Masternick3367

    so i think Beth was the original winner of TDA cause 1. people were saying it was her, 2. if the TD people didn't have that "vote beth or duncan" thing beth would probably would have won. and 3. it's just kinda obvious that Beth would win TDA cause she seems hopeless and that kind of person that has the spotlight on them saying they're gonna win. idk. i just felt like Beth was gonna win cause she's nerdy. cause she's the Wannabe. idk. what do u think?

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  • Masternick3367

    have u ever noticed something about the characters? like Gwen,Ezekiel and Noah all r the first person voted off from their team? and whatever Team Owen's on there's someone from his team that gets invincibility after the teams merge. like season 1: Heather, Season 2: Courtney, Season 3: well so far we don't know. but i'm guessing it's got to be Alejandro. and when Lindsay gets voted off she placeses multiples of 3: season 1:9th, Season 2:6th, Season 3:14th(DANG IT!). and whoever placeses 5th wins invinciblity once. and 2nd place wins invincibility only 2 times. also Owen gets voted off by the anti...whatever. like Season 1: Heather helped him win by making Brownies/ he lost because Izzy wasn't in front of the finish line. Season 2: Courtneā€¦

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