Hey. Skymning here! And I'm here with some predictions of Total Drama All-Stars.Now, I read some of your reviews and they were pretty good. But I'd just like to share my opinion. Don't judge. So...let's get started.

The Basics

  • I think that every contestant should be referred to as an "all-star".
  • They'll probably bring back the immunity idol.
  • They won't bring back the singing.
  • Scott will obviously be the first or second eliminated because he CAN'T EVEN TALK.
  • ^ Unless they screw up and make him normal again.
  • Cameron will quit.
  • Mike will make an evil personality and will turn into a villain in the merge.
  • Duncan and Mike will develope a conflict.
  • The Villainous Vultures will eliminate Jo's bossy butt off first.
  • There's going to be a sudden-death challenge.

Returning characters?

I think that (like in Revenge) that there is going to be a returning camper (that isn't an all-star) in each episode. And it's probably not going to be a contestant that has made a cameo last season.

  1. Heroes vs. Villains - Nobody
  2. Evil Dream - Dawn
  3. Saving Private Leechball - Cody
  4. Food Fright - Owen?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. Zeek and Ye Shall Find - Ezekiel....obviously
  10. The Obsta-kill Course - Staci or B
  11. ?
  12. The Bold and the Booty-ful - LeShawna
  13. The Final Wreck-ening - Nobody


It's been confirmed that there is going to be a special.

Elimination Order

  1. Jo - The Villainous Vultures are obviously going to lose the first challenge, and they will probably go for Jo since she keeps on bossing them around.
  2. Scott - He's just a useless teammate
  3. Cameron - It's likely that at the elimination ceremony, he's in the bottom two and he voluteers to quit since he made it to the final two (US)/won (everywhere else) last season.
  4. Alejandro - 
  5. Courtney - I could see her getting distracted in the game after being placed on the Heroic Hamsters.
  6. Heather - I like Heather, but she's probably going to be eliminated right before the merge.
  7. MERGE - Gwen - Even though I was disapointed with her early eliminations in Action and World Tour, she's probably going to be eliminated first during the merge by Zoey, Lindsay, Sierra and Lightning all for different reasons.
  8. White Lightning - He's obviously going to be the first or second eliminated from the merge. Everyone will see him as a threat.
  9. Zoey - 
  10. Duncan - He's probably going to make it to the final five once again. I could see Mike brewing up a plan to eliminate him.
  11. Mike - He's going to be seen as a threat and the final three are going to team up and eliminating him.
  12. Sierra - She's probably going to lose in a sudden death challenge.


WINNER: Lindsay -

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