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    So I'm basically just going to write down my thoughts while I'm watching this. This is my first episode review, even though it's the second episode, but...yeah. I hope this episode is better than the last one. *sigh* Here we go....

    Okay. Recap time. blah blah blah. 

    Wow. The Spa Hotel looks really cool inside. I guess Alejandro really needed that spa.

    Mike's personalities are fighting some strange beast. And.......Mike wakes up. Ugh. Where are the veterans?

    And then in the girl's side, there's Courtney. Sierra takes a picture of Courtney. I can't believe it! The newbie and the veteran are ACTUALLY interacting!

    Well, my prediction about Sierra being obsessed with that phone has came true.

    "Without this link to Cody-Wody, I'd probably lose m…

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    So I've watched the trailer and I've decided to revise my elimination prediction.

    1. The Robot
    2. Cameron
    3. Jo
    4. Heather
    5. Scott
    6. Sierra
    7. Gwen

    MERGE (Heather returns)

    1. White Lightning
    2. Zoey
    3. Duncan and Heather
    4. Mike
    5. Sam
    6. Lindsay
    7. Courtney

    1. Ep. 1 (Nobody)
    2. Ep. 2 Dawn
    3. Ep. 3 Cody
    4. Ep. 4 Owen
    5. Ep. 5 ?
    6. Ep. 6 ?
    7. Ep. 7 ?
    8. Ep. 8 ?
    9. Ep. 9 Ezekiel
    10. Ep. 10 Tyler or Ann Maria
    11. Ep. 11 ?
    12. Ep. 12 Leshawna
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    Hey. Skymning here! And I'm here with some predictions of Total Drama All-Stars.Now, I read some of your reviews and they were pretty good. But I'd just like to share my opinion. Don't judge. So...let's get started.

    • I think that every contestant should be referred to as an "all-star".
    • They'll probably bring back the immunity idol.
    • They won't bring back the singing.
    • Scott will obviously be the first or second eliminated because he CAN'T EVEN TALK.
    • ^ Unless they screw up and make him normal again.
    • Cameron will quit.
    • Mike will make an evil personality and will turn into a villain in the merge.
    • Duncan and Mike will develope a conflict.
    • The Villainous Vultures will eliminate Jo's b…

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