Hey, TD fans! I decided to make a review of the fourth season of Total Drama, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


The main plot points in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island were a bit weak, as the Love Triangle of Mike, Zoey, and Anne Maria. This triangle was less entertaining then Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen. There are still fights today about who should have Duncan, but I don't think this triangle will have that affect on people because it happens too fast, and nobody really liked Anne Maria with Mike. They really should've made this season longer. 13 Episodes is WAY too short and quick, but I also liked that pretty much every episode someone got eliminated. The love traingle was the only thing keeping Anne Maria in the competition and I thought she would've been eliminated earlier like the 4th or 5th episode.

Another main plot point is Scott's antagonistic ways. Me, as well as alot of people, found his strategy very stupid and unrealistic. I also didn't like how in one episode he's trying to lose, while in another he's actually trying to win. Example: In Episode 5, he shoots Sam with the bird to make the team lose while in Episode 6 he shows no sign in trying to lose. As well as in Episode 1, he actually tries to win with the rest of the team.

The last major plot is Dakota and her transformation. It was obvious to me that she would come back to the comepetition when she became an intern, I just thought it wouldn't be that late. I mean, right before the Merge, really? As for the transformation, I don't think anybody liked it. It was stupid and very rushed. It actually ruined Dakota.

Now to move on to the characters of this season...


The characters this season were again stereotypes of other people. I didn't really like Staci, Dakota, Jo, Cameron (earlier episodes), and I wonder what Mike would be like without his Multiple Personalities, probably boring.

Brick, Lightning and Anne Maria were hilarious, but Anne Maria was kept in the competition and created probably to make a Love Triangle for a couple of episodes. Lightning lasted longer than I expected, coming in 2nd/1st. Brick was hilarious and I really wanted him to last longer and at least make it to the merge.

I didn't like Cameron that much before the merge, but after he gained forces with Mike in Episode 7, I started to like him a bit more. They could've chosen a better winner for the fourth season, but I'm happy with the ending anyway.

Even though Dakota's transformation was stupid, I did like her before she got all mutation crazy and stuff. Sam, well, is Sam, and where he got eliminated is where I thought he'd be. He did make an additional appearance, but that also was pretty pointless.

Zoey was just terrible, espescially in the later episodes after Mike was eliminated. Going all Commando and shunning Cameron like that was a bit mean. Although it cost her game, she still magically came in 3rd place, and I respect her for that. I hope she returns in Season 5 to make more of an impact to the actual game.

Staci, we all hate you so just leave. Forever.

Now Scott, he was probably the stupidest antagonist but Justin in TDA was worse because he only caused like 2 eliminations or something, while Scott did better than him, Justin's motive was better and more thought out. I feel like his antagonist stuff was rushed due to the revamping of the entire season.

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