Hello I just wanna say that I wanna make a rate summary on TDAS if you don't like what you see click back

Summary stars on different characters

Mike- Him, I give him 0 stars for cheating because of Mal

Zoey- Well, I guess I give her 1 star because she is a female dog

Cameron- I probally should give him 2 stars instead because nothing is annoying than sierra

Sam- Probally I should give him 2 stars cause I'm a gamer

Lindsay- Im gonna rate her 0 stars for being dumb and eliminated 1st

Courtney- I like when Scott and Courtney kissed so yeah 3 stars cause it's magical

Scott- 4 stars higher than Courtney's instead

Gwen- That's 2 stars for sure because she is nothing exciting

Duncan- I think it's rather 3 stars or 4 because he exploded the mansion I mean cottage

Heather- I don't think I can rate her because maybe you like her

Alejandro- Same reason as Heather so you don't be angry at me

Sierra- OMG!!!! she is going to be 1 star for creeping me out

Jo- Nothing is gonna rate her

Lightning- I give him 1 star

Comments on different characters

Mike- A person who has MPD who won this season and cheated because one of his personality or Mal lead him into the finals, I mean he is just a b**** about winning, what I like to change is nothing, I want him gone or deleted he just cheated because of his MPD, He must listen to his doctor

Zoey- The nicest and most kindest girl but there's a problem she's an a****** because she din't know all along that Mike has MPD, I mean she's such a b**** about not thinking that Mal took over Mike, what I like to change is that she must be alert to someone's saying, She din't know that Mike is not Mike

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