So, I've been bored and I decided to write a blog about whic character you feel identified with :DDD

It can be phisically, the personality, or anything.

This are the characters I feel identified with:

  • Dj: I definitely adore animals and I get along with basically everyone. I don't go around punching animals though, and I am not a momma's boy.
  • Dawn: Pretty much like Dj, I already said I love animals.
  • Ella: Yes I already said it, I love animals, I like singing a little too.
  • Noah: I am really sarcastic and I am really smart, most of the time. I am also lazy sometimes :p
  • Shawn: I am literallly obsessed with zahmbies and I love anything related to them.
  • Alejandro: I am Hispanic and we have a similar skin tone, I am also a descent athlete.
  • Beardo: Can't believe I forgot him. I love beatboxing. I also love EDM a lot and I am learning to make songs.
  • Heather: I can be manipulative with people and I use them when I can, but just sometimes.
  • Harold: I like martial arts like him, I haven't practiced in a while though.
  • Trent: I love guitar a lot and I am generally a smooth guy. I also tend to get injured a lot.
  • Zoey: I'm a little naive, but not stupid naive (I am not insulting her I'm just clarifying) and I hate jocks (Only if they are jerks, i have some jock friends)
  • Sierra: I am not a stalker, but I can easily get obsessed with something.
  • Izzy: I have to accept it. I am a nuts psycho.

So this are the characters I feel identified with. Which are yours? Tell me in the comments.

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