I created this blog to ask you all a question:

How would you be if you were a TD contestant?

You can comment your strategy, personality, social game and everything you would do if you were a TD contestant.

If I was a TD contestant

My stereotype would be The Clever Guy (I know its SOOOO original) I would be nice with basically everyone, but I would be also kind of a villain, I would hide my evil side from everyone and I would plan EVERY. SINGLE. THING. to win the game, I would be nice and cool with everyone so they don't see me as a threat and I would make a lot of alliances, however, if I don't win the season, I wouldn't reveal my evil side, just in case I get selected again.

So this is basically what I would do.

Leave a comment below and tell me how would you be as a TD contestant!

If i was in TDI, I would most likely get to the final 8.

If i was a TDWT newcomer, i would get to the merge.

If I was a TDROTI/TDPI contestant I would most likely get to the final 4.

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