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    Crack Pairings

    November 30, 2014 by Maniacbird


    I am Maniac, and I wanted to talk about crack pairings a while ago.

    So, lately, crack pairings have been discussed a lot in the wiki, and basically this blog's purpose is to discuss what everyone thinks about crack pairings.

    First of all, do you support any crack pairing?

    I, personally, don't care much for this things. BUT, there is one crack pairing which I do like, and Mughees, you'll understand better than anyone:

    If you guys go and read Total Drama Life in Fanfiction, which I highly recommend to (There is some mature stuff going on, so read at your own risk), you'll see that a certain couple is formed:






    The couple is Lightning and Leshawna. I really like that couple since I feel they are perfec…

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    So, I've been bored and I decided to write a blog about whic character you feel identified with :DDD

    It can be phisically, the personality, or anything.

    This are the characters I feel identified with:

    • Dj: I definitely adore animals and I get along with basically everyone. I don't go around punching animals though, and I am not a momma's boy.
    • Dawn: Pretty much like Dj, I already said I love animals.
    • Ella: Yes I already said it, I love animals, I like singing a little too.
    • Noah: I am really sarcastic and I am really smart, most of the time. I am also lazy sometimes :p
    • Shawn: I am literallly obsessed with zahmbies and I love anything related to them.
    • Alejandro: I am Hispanic and we have a similar skin tone, I am also a descent athlete.
    • Beardo:…
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    I created this blog to ask you all a question:

    How would you be if you were a TD contestant?

    You can comment your strategy, personality, social game and everything you would do if you were a TD contestant.

    My stereotype would be The Clever Guy (I know its SOOOO original) I would be nice with basically everyone, but I would be also kind of a villain, I would hide my evil side from everyone and I would plan EVERY. SINGLE. THING. to win the game, I would be nice and cool with everyone so they don't see me as a threat and I would make a lot of alliances, however, if I don't win the season, I wouldn't reveal my evil side, just in case I get selected again.

    So this is basically what I would do.

    Leave a comment below and tell me how would you …

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