Warning: spoilers to those who haven't seen TDI (If those people even exist).

Wow, my first blog. It's a pretty big deal, so I decided to dedicate it to what many fans call a plot hole in TDI- Izzy's second elimination.

So, the setting. It's the final seven, and it's time to vote someone off. No one appears to have immunity (due to Gwen receiving the last marshmallow despite winning the challenge) so anyone's game- including Heather, the antagonist of the season, who has played everyone in the competition, including in this challenge. So, why did they vote off Izzy? All she did was shoot Heather with a tranquilizer gun- and LeShawna had dumped sewage on her head, and Gwen had dumped red ants in her bed, and the rest of the campers were cool with that? What's so special about Izzy? How did Heather convince everybody else to eliminate her? Well, the answer is actually very simple if you think about it- the guy's alliance.

So, in hide and be sneaky, Duncan forms an alliance with Geoff, Owen and DJ. However, two episodes later, it seems to be forgotten. In Hook, Line, and Screamer, the guys all go their separate ways without any actual breakup of the alliance. Sure, it could have broken up off camera, but what kind of editor would neglect to include a shot of a large alliance breaking up? As such, you can believe it is still intact, yet given less screen time, in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, when Izzy is eliminated. But what does this alliance have to do with Izzy? Well, consider how Duncan has also formed an alliance with Heather at this point. So, if Heather asks him to eliminate Izzy, and he tells Geoff and Owen to eliminate Izzy (Owen may take some convincing, but he could be persuaded) that's 4 votes out of 7 for Izzy. Izzy would be out. So, that;s how I reckon the writers would say Izzy got eliminated. Can you think of a better way? Are there any plotholes in this theory? Are there an others you would like me to address? Comment down below if that's the case, and I'll try to get a blog up on your ideas as soon as I see them.

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