The camera turns on, revealing a runty boy. He adjusts the camera a little, before sitting down on a sofa.

"Uh, hello, producers!" The boy stutters a little. He takes a breath from an athsma puffer, before starting again.

'Ok, I would like to audition for your next season for total drama. Sure, I may not look like the best choice... But I promise I'm determined! So what if I've spent most of my life in a bubble, and, uh..." The boy realises what he just said, and gets up to turn the camera of and start again, when his mother walks in.

"Okay, if you're going to pick my darling cameron for your show, you should no of his allergies." His mother says. She takes out a long list, and starts reading.

"Okay, he can't eat fish, dairy, any nuts, rice, peppermints, vegetable gums..." She continues, as the screen cuts out.

The video cuts forward. Time has obviously passed, and Cameron's mother is still reading. "Pine needles, erasers, oh, and if the wind is to strong he gets a rash." She finishes the list, and Cameron groans. "Mum, can I start over?" He asks before the camera cuts out.


The screen turns on, revealing an ugly teenager playing a video game.He sees the camera is on, and pauses the game.

"Oh hey! I'm Sam, and I would like to try out for your show 'cause- well, everyone's always teling me to get into the real world, and I guess this is close enough!" He says, before turning his game back on.

"I mean, it's a game," He says, while playing, "But at the same time, it's reality. Tha'ts good enough for me!"

He dies in the game, and sighs. He turns to face the camera.

"But why should you choose me?" He asks. "Well, I'm nice, not that stupid, and hey, if I come last, then everyone else will feel like they aren't the worst person there!"

Suddenly, he looks a little worried. He runs over and grabs a handheld device and hugs it close to his chest. "Can I bring at least one device?" He asks. "Please? I'll give you anything, just please let me bring this device! No? Ooohh..."

He wobbles a bit, and faints. The video cuts out.

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